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Koch’s 4 Postulates: No Evidence of Pathogens

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Koch’s 4 postulates are the standard for detecting a pathogen. If any one of the four postulates is not fulfilled, then the proof is not provided.

In that case, only a ‘contagion theory’ remains.” It is no longer science, but faith.
Watch this video carefully; you will see the world in a fundamentally different way.

Koch’s 4 Postulates: No Evidence of Pathogens

Whoever claims a pathogen must be able to verify this pathogen!

The famous Robert Koch, from whom the institute of the same name in Germany takes its name, agreed with Louis Pasteur that microbes were “pathogens.” Koch defined pathogen detection in his so-called Koch’s Postulates.

Koch’s 4 Postulates should therefore be in the basic statute of the RKI, the Robert Koch Institute!
At least they should be known to the professors there.

These Koch’s postulates are simplified as follows:

1. the pathogen must be detectable and isolatable in the diseased tissue of an individual.
2. the pathogen must be able to be cultivated in pure form
3. the cultivated pathogen must be able to cause the same disease again in a healthy individual
4. the pathogen must be able to be isolated again.

Unless these four postulates are fulfilled, no pathogen is scientifically proven.

So far, in accordance with the specifications of Robert Koch such proof has never been produced and it cannot be scientifically proven with any microbe!

This is because these postulates contradict biological laws of nature, according to which such a pathogen cannot exist at all! and stand against the laws of nature.

Every wrong assertion is powerless and exposed as a fantasy when applied to the laws of nature.
I will show you exactly what is unfulfillable about Koch’s postulates in this video.

First of all, a few explanations: Conventional medicine counts fungi, bacteria, and viruses as allegedly disease-causing microbes.

There is still the combined form called fungus bacterium or mycobacterium, which is half fungus and half bacterium. According to conventional medicine, mycobacteria are also the cause for pulmonary tuberculosis, which is nonsense.

Fungi, bacteria, and also mycobacteria are independent living beings. They have their metabolism and can also reproduce. So these microbes can be bred, just as pretty much all creatures can be bred.
On the other hand, the virus is not claimed to be an independent creature. It is supposed to be only a few atoms in size.
The virus should be able to attach itself to the gene substance of a previously healthy host cell.
Through the following cell division of the host cell, this virus or this gene substance is to be copied.
Therefore, we can hardly speak of virus multiplication. Actually, we should call it copying of the virus. But no matter!

Due to the cell division of the host cell, there are now two such viruses instead of one.
Therefore, conventional medicine can speak of a multiplication of the virus. In the case of the alleged virus-related autoimmune disease AIDS, the conventional medical therapy is, therefore, a cytostatic therapy, which kills each cell during cell division. This also prevents the virus from multiplying, at least in the thinking pattern of conventional medicine.

The 4th biological law of nature discovered by Dr. Hamer – the ontogenetically conditioned system of microbes – elaborates in detail, the fungi and fungal bacteria multiply in the organism from the conflict shock (DHS) in the sympathicotonic (cold) conflict-active phase.
While the bacteria multiply from the conflict resolution in the vagotonic (warm) healing phase.

General knowledge also includes the fact that fungi can be grown in a cold and moist environment, but bacteria can only be grown in a warm incubator.

A phenomenon that is not allowed to be examined in detail in conventional medicine.

In this case, conventional medicine would have to include the human psyche in its approach, which is precisely what they try to avoid.
The doctrine of conventional medicine is that diseases have nothing to do with the psyche.

Now we come to the 1st Koch’s postulate, the proof of the suspected pathogen in the diseased tissue.
In the case of a fungus, bacterium, or mycobacterium, this detection is not difficult due to its size and can be done with a light microscope.

But with the virus, conventional medicine has considerable difficulties due to its molecular size, which is also pointed out in the extensive literature surrounding the controversial PCR test.

After all, one is trying to pinpoint a specific grain of sand in the big pile of sand called a cell.
Virus detection is anything but reliable.

However, with the virus, not even the 1st Koch’s postulate could be fulfilled, not even to a certain extent.
In other words: One cannot be 100% sure that the virus one is looking for in a patient is the virus one is searching for. It could also be another grain of sand from this cell.

The 2nd Koch’s postulate demands the cultivation of the isolated “pathogen” in pure form.
This is possible with a suitable environment for fungi, bacteria, and fungal bacteria, as I have already acknowledged.
But how should one cultivate a virus in pure form since this virus always needs a host for its multiplication?

There is no such thing as breeding a virus in its pure form. Conventional medicine uses all kinds of tricks to propagate viruses. And what exactly it reproduces in the process cannot be determined with any certainty. The 4 Koch’s postulates are not fulfilled!

The all-decisive point, however, is the impossible proof of Koch’s 3rd postulate.

Here the proof is to be provided that this microbe excites a disease or is the cause of disease.

This microbe, now isolated and grown in pure form, is supposed to cause the same disease symptoms in a healthy individual. And this is not possible according to Dr. Hamer’s 4th biological law of nature!

Now one must know that every infection or inflammation always represents a vagotonic healing phase. No microbe can cause a healing phase by itself!
Rather the healing phase started by the conflict resolution induces the microbe to begin its actual work or task!

Namely, the old-brain-controlled tumors developed before in the conflict-active phase tuberculously degrade, or the new-brain-controlled holes developed before fill up again.

Microbes are nature’s surgeons and invariably work only in a vagotonic healing phase.
In other words, in order to catch a microbe at work, this event must have been preceded by a conflict-active phase, including conflict resolution.

The confusion of cause and effect can best be seen in the firefighter!
Just because you can see this firefighter at every major fire, you cannot claim that he is the cause of the fire!
Everyone knows that firemen fight fires, they do not start them. And it is similar with microbes!
No microbe can initiate a healing phase symptom simply because it is placed into a healthy organism,. Therefore, according to the 4th biological law of nature, Koch’s 3rd postulate can never be fulfilled!

This cannot be done with the fungus nor the bacterium nor with the mycobacteria nor the virus. In other words, and somewhat more concretely formulated: There are no pathogens, and therefore, no contagion exists!

Since this circumstance is probably the most challenging to understand for the majority, I would like to explain it with an example in more detail:

After every war, as is well known, pulmonary tuberculosis increased. Lung tuberculosis is the healing phase of a lung round nodule.

The cause of lung cancer and, therefore, the cause of pulmonary tuberculosis is the fear of death conflict!
During the war, many people reacted with a fear of death conflict understandably and, consequently, with a lung round nodule.
Translated from the biological language, it means death when you can’t breathe: “I must die now!” The biological sense, thereby, is the lung tumor itself!

In the conflict-active phase, the lung alveoli increase, whereby the organism can better absorb air in order to be able to solve this fear of death conflict better.

These people can solve their fear of death if the war is over. The proliferation of lung alveoli stops. With the conflict resolution, the brain switches on the mycobacteria, which have multiplied in the active phase, so that they now break down this no longer needed lung nodule, tuberculous.

In this healing phase, the affected person often coughs up blood, and conventional doctors diagnose “pulmonary tuberculosis.” If the conventional doctors were to take a mycobacterium from this pulmonary tuberculosis patient and implant it in a healthy person, who does not have a pulmonary nodule in the healing phase, this would not trigger pulmonary tuberculosis in this healthy person. Period!

With this sensible biological special program of the lung alveoli, conventional medicine diagnoses lung round nodule cancer in the conflict-active phase.
In the healing phase, they diagnose pulmonary tuberculosis.
Incredible isn’t it!

In conventional medicine these two diagnosis refer to two very different diseases. In reality, these two phases belong together like a tandem.

The cause of the pulmonary tumor is the fear of death conflict.

The cause of pulmonary tuberculosis is the resolution of this fear of death.
At the end of this tuberculous healing phase, this pulmonary round nodule is degraded by the mycobacteria, and a cavern is left. The pulmonary nodule has disappeared.
Now conventional medicine tends to speak of a “miracle”!

The miracle of spontaneous healing is due to these mycobacteria and their work!
Microbes are not our enemies, as conventional medicine thinks. They are our surgeons, our garbage men who clear away the no longer needed lung tumor.

The 4th Koch’s postulate, the re-isolation of the pathogen, which must be identical to the original, already fails because of the non-fulfillment of the 3rd Koch’s postulate and does not need to be further discussed.
Getting back to the major point of this article:
The Robert Koch Institute has no clear evidence proving the existence of a virus for any so-called pandemic outbreak hyped by the media and medical community.
Nor can it provide evidence that a virus is the cause of disease for any illness such as flu, cold, or cough.
The question to be asked is – on what basis do our politicians make their decisions regarding lockdowns?

Are they all following a Deep State directive?

Concluding remark:

Up to now, conventional medicine has not been able to present a single proof of any microbe as a pathogen. If it could, Dr. Hamer’s 4th biological law of nature would be scientifically disproved.

Mother Nature creates no evil!
The only evil is the sectarians who want to disassemble and rule over this creation.
These sectarians want to play God, but they are true devils!

Goodbye, until the next video

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