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Immune System low and Infectious Diseases – German New Medicine Explanation

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Is there an immune system at all?

One is to make us believe that creation has given us microbes that enable life in the first place

while creating an immune system to fight these microbes again.


Immune System low and Infectious Diseases. Does an Immune System even exist?

This lecture will help you understand that the so-called immune system does not exist and that, in reality, it is nothing more than an attempt by conventional medicine to explain and maintain its control over a 150-year-old medical worldview. And this worldview is based on the work of Louis Pasteur.

The immune system is only one of the 5000 hypotheses of conventional medicine. As I have stated over and over again, in conventional medicine, the patient’s psyche is completely ignored. This is why conventional medicine does not understand Dr. Hamer’s 4th biological law of nature, according to which the microbes are ideally always present in our body, but they start working only at the command of our brain.

When the brain orders the microbes to begin their work, this state is called conflict resolution and also immediately starts the vagotonic healing phase with its sympaticoton symptoms.

In such a healing phase, the microbes start their work and tuberculously clear the old-brain-controlled tumors or fill the holes again in the new-brain-controlled organs.

In Germanische Heilkunde this is a healing phase, in colloquial language, we call this being “sick.” We are limp and tired and have fever and pain. The microbes are working now and clear the tumor; however, a conventional physician will say that the microbe is pathogenic and toxic.

The conventional doctor believes that the microbe is the cause of the inflammation in the first place.

It doesn’t matter if it is an infection or a flu, these are all healing phases.
Of course, the conventional physician overlooks the fact that a sympathicotonic active phase preceded each vagotonic healing phase.
It is well known that a human being has about 4lbs of these tiny foreign organisms called microbes in and on him without being ill.

So we are talking about billions of fungi, fungal bacteria, and bacteria that colonise our bodies!
Fortunately, we need these microbes to digest food, and we need them as surgeons in our healing phases. Conventional medicine does not understand why the microbe can become a-pathogenic (non-toxic) and then pathogenic (toxic).

The 2nd biological law of nature discovered by Dr. Hamer is the law of the two-phases of all special programs. As long as there is conflict resolution – conventional medicine does not even want to understand, a therapy in which cancer disappears spontaneously, that is, of its own accord.

Such therapy does not fit into Rockefellers’ business concept. For over 100years Rockefeller funded the inception of the current medical system by creating and funding medical schools and research institutes in order to move away from any non-lucrative therapies.

It is also known to conventional medicine that humans have microbes without being ill. In such a case, conventional medicine speaks of infection and admits that not every infection must cause infectious disease.


Why does an infection not always cause an infectious disease?
Why does the pathogen not always cause the expected infectious disease?
What will be the expected answer of the conventional physician?

The physician will claim that the person who does not have an infectious disease has a better immune system.
On the other hand, the person who comes down with an infectious disease has a poorer immune system!

And now it gets exciting!
Let us imagine these two people. One of them remains healthy, despite the pathogen, and the other one falls ill with the pathogen.

Now we take away the pathogen from both of them!
Both individuals are healthy, and neither has the pathogen, but one has a strong immune system and the other a weak one.

And now, my key question: Is there a way to determine the difference in the immune systems of these two people? And if so, how?

What exactly does the one have that the other doesn’t? Is it possible to express this in some quantity?

If one claims an immune system, then one must be able to prove it, right?

Or is it not possible to measure it in advance because this alleged immune system does not exist?

Ask your doctor or pharmacist about this!

From anatomy lessons, we know what our heart looks like, our brain, the liver, the vascular system, and every other organ.

We have analytical procedures to determine and evaluate chemical levels and temperature. Have you ever seen an image of your immune system? Or measured its vitality?

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to your immune system!

This image is from a naturopathy textbook. This is our immune system.

Please don’t get this wrong, these guys look a bit grim, but they are supposed to be the good guys who protect us from harmful microbes.

Google yourselves once for a picture of your immune system. All Google will show you is a bunch of CGIs, nothing but cartoons all over the place.

But I have another riddle for the conventional physician!
Every one of us was sick once and got better without doing anything medically about it.
For example, a cold that disappeared on its own.
Why did you get this cold according to conventional medicine?

Right, because the immune system was weakened.
The others in the family did not get cold because their immune system was fine.

One person had a weakened immune system; the cold viruses raged, and the nose became congested.

What had made this person with the sniffles get well again?
How did his weakened immune system regain the upper hand?
He did not take anything pharmacological?
Did his immune system recover?
How could it do that if it was weakened?

Just as there is no immune system, there is no infection or contagion.

Mother Nature, in her wisdom, not only recognized predictable emergency situations, but also programmed into us some special programs to help us to solve these emergencies as quickly as possible.

And Mother Nature, in her wisdom, assumed that we would be able to resolve our conflicts. In this wise foresight, she created various microbes for us that come to our assistance, so that we can successfully and smoothly pass through the cellular changes needed on the organ level, for us to solve our conflicts successfully.

For what reason should Mother Nature create an immune system with the task to fight the helpers, the microbes, which nature created for us in wise foresight to make our lives even possible in the first place?

Think about it for a while!

To be able to have therapeutic success, we must build on laws of nature.
If we act against their natural biological laws, then we suffer.

I appeal to everyone to learn Germanische Heilkunde for yourself while you are healthy.
Because once you have a malignant diagnosis, you will be in a panic, and then you are running out of time, there will be no time left to study.

See you in the following video


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