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Pigments of Skin become Melanoma; WHY?

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Birthmarks, age spots, freckles, and liver spots, these are harmless pigment clusters without conflict.

What must happen for them to turn into melanoma anyway.

After watching this video, you will understand.

Why do harmless pigments of skin turn into Melanomas?

Birthmarks, age spots, freckles, and liver spots, these are harmless pigment clusters without conflict.

At the request of many interested people, I will discuss birthmarks, freckles, age spots, and liver spots today, and how you can turn them into melanoma.

Why is it now believed that, previously harmless birthmarks can suddenly “degenerate” into skin cancer, into melanoma?

The mechanism is easy to understand if you know Germanische Heilkunde.

Dermatologists are pleased to offer free examinations, for example, in open-air swimming pools.

As an uninitiated person, you think: It doesn’t cost anything, and it’s not wrong to have a check-up.

Now it can be that one has a birthmark on the back, and this birthmark has never disturbed you. But now, during the examination, the voodoo priest remarks:

“That birthmark on your back, you should keep an eye on it.


From now on, this birthmark bothers you, and every day you have a look in the mirror or ask your partner: Look! Has it changed?

And now, in fact, the SBS of the dermis is active with melanoma, and the birthmark becomes a “black skin cancer.”

One has felt disfigured by the dermatologist’s remark at the exact spot of the birthmark.

From now on the bigger this melanoma gets, the more you feel disfigured and the bigger it gets. One gets into a vicious circle, which can hardly be broken without the knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde.

People often run then to the dermatologist until they finally get their skin cancer diagnosed.

Case study: The following is what happened to a patient:

The mass media propaganda misled a young woman to have a birthmark on her knee lasered away, and she was told that it would be a safe procedure.

But she did not expect how painful this procedure is and how disgusting it can stink.

Because of this absolutely unnecessary mistreatment, she suffered an attack or disfigurement conflict, and precisely at the place of the birthmark, she now reacted with melanoma. So she provoked what she wanted to avoid.

Now she was a cancer patient and in the mill of oncology. They removed a lymph node from her groin to prevent the supposed metastasis.

She almost bled to death during this surgery, which additionally gave her a conflict of the spleen. Now she had skin cancer and spleen cancer!

She heard about Germanische Heilkunde and fled from the doctors out of the clinic.

In the corridor, the oncologists called out after her: “You will be dead in three months!

That was many years ago.

Meanwhile, the young woman has perfectly studied Germanische Heilkunde and has become an expert in it.

If she had known Germanische Heilkunde in advance, she would not have allowed herself to be misled into this nonsense of supposedly prophylactic therapy.

Keep in mind the medical business in our society does not thrive on the healthy people, nor can it be lucrative with the dead.

But the sicker the population is, the more powerful this medicine business becomes.

A famous classical homeopath from Austria once warned people:

Folks! Go to the doctor only if you need something from him, and not if he needs something from you!

In this sense!

Make the Germanische Heilkunde your hobby.

It is the medicine of freedom, because the key to health lies in yourself.

Goodbye, until the next video!

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