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Smoking Causes Which Cancer? None!

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If you have cancer and smoke, the cause is smoking.

If you have dementia and smoke, the cause is smoking.

If you are impotent and smoke, it’s because of smoking. etc.


Or are all these just statistical lies?

After watching this short video, you will understand how we are systematically but scientifically deceived.

Smoking Causes Which Cancer? None! Are we just being scientifically deceived?

When you read on a pack of cigarettes: “Tobacco smoke contains more than 70 substances that have been proven to be carcinogenic,” then you should think a little.

It says; over 70 substances.

Not exactly 71 or 74, but about 70 substances. So, just a rough estimate. And then it says, “Proven to be carcinogenic.” Proven!

Yes, proven by what?  By experiment?

But then every smoker would get cancer! What is smoking supposed to cause?

Does smoking cause lung cancer, prostate cancer, skin aging, infertility, and/or impotence?

Everything is blamed on smoking; imagine the guilt.

Conventional medicine doesn’t know why the patient has prostate cancer. But if he smokes, it is because of smoking!

They do not know the cause of impotence. But if he is impotent and smokes, it is because of smoking.

Linking two facts together is not serious.

– Smoking and lung cancer.

– Sugar and tooth decay.

– Sun and melanoma.

You can’t do science with statistics. With this approach, I can prove or disprove anything I want.

For example, I can investigate the topic. Women with breast cancer

What brand of car do they drive?

One brand has to win, there is no other way, and one brand will win.

Let’s say that women with breast cancer drive VW Beetles preferably.

All I need is the entrance ticket, a doctor’s degree, and then I can write in a newspaper or in a medical journal – The VW Beetle is highly suspected of causing breast cancer. And then I can top it off with an investigation into – What brand of car do women with breast cancer not drive?

Let us assume for a moment that women with breast cancer do not drive the gold-colored, black-dotted Dodge Challenger.

So I could go on writing: Gold-colored, black-dotted Dodge Challenger could prevent breast cancer. I can wreck VW Beetle sales with my investigation and promote Dodge Challenger.

Today’s science does not have to prove anything, and this opens the door to arbitrariness. Conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals’ effectiveness is not proven by science.

This is terribly dangerous. But this is the society we live in.

Let’s try another way.

Let’s assume I’m a businessman and I have a product. I want to market it. I am writing to the Ministry of Health; “I have a product that contains more than 70 substances proven to be carcinogenic.

I would like to have permission to market it.” Good luck with this.

Strangely enough, with every medication, you have a package insert with all the side effects. The tobacco store should also include a package insert with every pack of cigarettes.  But they don’t.

This would also mean that car manufacturers would have to put a sticker on every car stating that driving a car could be fatal.

You see, this is all pure arbitrariness. I call it arbitrary fear-mongering, the new religion. And with this new religion in place I can be detached from the facts and laws of nature, and I can build an artificial society with its own rules and laws.

Welcome to the matrix!

We are living in dangerous times. And the example of smoking is only one of many.

Truth and reality are being abolished, and fake news and fake science are being created to replace the truth, just like in a virtual world where the creator makes up the rules. like in a virtual world. We are steering towards a virtual society. This is dangerous!

Think about it!

So, smoking… It is not healthy, you poison yourself chronically, no doubt about it, but it’s relaxing.

And I would never have stopped smoking just because someone told me it would be harmful. I quit smoking because 95% of the price of cigarettes is for taxes, and I could not reconcile with my conscience to support this fake system.

Good-by, until the following video.

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