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How do Cysts form on the Ovaries? They are a Gift of Nature!

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The cause of an ovarian cyst or infertility is a loss conflict about a beloved human being or beloved animal.

The additional estrogen nature provides for the woman after the end of the healing phase is a real luxury, a gift of nature for a lifetime.

How do Cysts form on the Ovaries? They are a Gift of Nature!

The additional estrogen of the ovarian cyst is a luxury for every woman.

In today’s topic we will be looking at the ovary, ovarian necrosis, ovarian cyst, endometriosis, but also infertility.

The ovary belongs to the deluxe group, that is, the orange group.

In the orange group, the biological sense does not occur immediately in the active phase but only at the end of the healing phase. This means I must first resolve the conflict and survive the healing phase in order to benefit from the biological sense.

In return, however, one then benefits from the biological function enhancement for a lifetime. That is why Dr. Hamer called this group the deluxe group.

In all other special programs, the Biological Sense is in the active phase.

The cause, that is, the Biological Conflict Content in the case of the ovary, is a conflict of loss for something living, a human being or an animal.

Loss means loss by death or by departure. The handedness is decisive here.

If one has a loss around a partner, the partner ovary is involved.

In case of a loss around the mother or around a child, the mother/child ovary is involved.

Depending on how one feels about a pet or an animal will determine how the experience of loss is perceived, either as a partner or as a child.

In the conflict-active phase, the ovary necrotizes, thus causing cell loss, and the estrogen decreases.

If there is a double loss conflict about partner AND mother/child, both ovaries are affected. The estrogen dries up, and the woman has no more ovulation, which is one of the possibilities of infertility in women.

If the conflict can be resolved, a fluid-filled cyst is formed on the ovary, which attaches to the surrounding organs to supply itself with blood.

This cyst is filled with fluid tissue, which has a very high cell division rate and is therefore considered particularly malignant in conventional medicine.

In the case of syndrome, the cyst can become additionally large and possibly burst. The contained cells then attach themselves to the organs of the abdominal cavity, which conventional medicine calls endometriosis.

However, these cells also remain true to their purpose and produce estrogen. Beyond this, they do nothing.

Like pregnancy, the healing phase lasts nine months regardless of the size of the cyst.

Only towards the end of the healing phase does the fully encapsulated cyst detach from the surrounding tissue, which causes pulling pain in the last third of the nine-month healing phase.

Of course, the uninformed patients panic and run to the conventional doctor. The doctor sees cell division, makes the diagnosis “malignant,” and cuts out the patient’s ovaries.

The fatal effect of chemo should only be mentioned here.

After nine months, this compact cyst is only connected to the initial ovary. We speak here of a healing cyst.

Suppose the conflict has lasted a long time. In that case, this can lead to a correspondingly large ovarian cyst, which can now be surgically removed, if the cyst should be so large that it interferes mechanically.

The crisis is a cerebral medulla crisis, and these crises are inconspicuous. One is cold; that’s all it is.

The woman now has far more estrogen than ever before, which is the biological sense at the end of the healing phase, but from which the woman now benefits for life if the cyst is not cut out.

Provided that the size of the ovarian cyst does not disturb anything, all is well again, and the patient is healthy. Because of the increased estrogen, the woman now looks 10 to 15 years younger and has an increased libido. She can now get pregnant very quickly to make up for her loss.

However, the woman with an ovarian cyst also has a much more feminine physique, making her look more desirable to any man. No woman who knows Germanische Heilkunde would have this biological advantage surgically cut out.

Our case study:

We once made a night sailing trip, and we arrived in Trinidad at sunrise. In the passage between two islands, we had 5 knots of countercurrent and high waves.

Pebbles, our Yorky dog chased the pelicans circling us back and forth across the deck.

About an hour after we dropped anchor, we noticed that Pebbles was gone; we had lost her somewhere, despite the railing net.

For my wife, this dog was like her first child; she broke down emotionally and could not calm down. How could we have lost our Pebbles?

Although finding a small dog in the open sea after hours is hopeless, with the countercurrent we had confronted between the islands, I finally gave in to my wife’s urging, and we set out to look for Pebbles.

A miracle happened. After about three hours in the water, we found our Pebbles again in the pouring rain. This allowed my wife to resolve her loss conflict, which was active for only a few hours but very intense.

About six months later, Natalie had pain around her ovaries that felt similar to menstrual pain. After a few weeks, this pain subsided, and we gave it no further attention.

It wasn’t until years later, on her thirty-third birthday, that various people assured us that my wife looked younger than her mid-twenties, they couldn’t believe that she was 33.

Only then did the thought of an ovarian cyst cross our minds. We didn’t have to think long before we found the matching conflict.

A few months later, Natalie had the opportunity to have this self-diagnosis confirmed by an ultrasound. An ovarian cyst as big as a hazelnut on her left ovary.

My wife considers this cyst a gift of nature, and we are both pleased about it.

This case study has two interesting aspects:

1st, If Natalie had been asked if she had lost a loved one or an animal through death or departure, she would have denied it with certainty. And yet she must have suffered such a conflict and also resolved it because otherwise, she would not have an ovarian cyst.

As I said, Germanische Heilkunde is about biological conflict. This is the cause, and it must be found!

We lost our dog for a few hours, and the prospect of finding her again was zero. Natalie had a loss conflict for those few hours with her mother/child ovary active.

2nd, the other interesting circumstance is how this ovarian cyst affects my wife, Natalie has something of her Sensible Biological Special Program from the deluxe group.

While the poor patients in conventional medicine are entirely deprived of their femininity.

With the Germanische Heilkunde, neither doctor nor medicine stands between you and your health. No doctor can heal, and no medicine can cure!

Continue to study the Germanische Heilkunde.

Maybe already tomorrow you might need this knowledge.


Until the following video.

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