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When will you need a Surgery Center in Germanische Heilkunde?

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When should a patient from Germanische Heilkunde be admitted to the surgery center? We are often accused of being opposed to surgical intervention as a matter of principle. This is not the case. Often we would need emergency medical interventions, but according to the germ layers. Unfortunately, conventional medicine has completely different procedures.

When do we send a patient to the Surgery Center in Germanische Heilkunde?

Cancer therapy in conventional medicine has three pillars. Steel, beam, and chemistry.
With the knife, one tries to remove cancer, far in the healthy tissue.

With the radiation, one tries to get the surrounding tissue free of infiltrations, and with the chemo, one tries to kill the supposedly crawling cancer cells, the metastases.

In Germanische Heilkunde, chemo is absolutely rejected, for a good reason. Radiation is also rejected.

In conventional medicine, surgery is carried out far in the healthy tissue, which is also rejected in Germanische Heilkunde.
We also reject brain surgery. The brain must not be cut into.
This is our control center, and brain tumors in the sense of nerve cell division do not exist.
Instead, they are healing edemas, that are squeezed out and scarred at the end of the healing phase. Likewise, preventive removal of the remaining healthy breast is also to be rejected. The same applies to removing the ovaries, because of a genetic predisposition that does not exist. Nevertheless, we need the operation to practice the Germanische Heilkunde in the sense of the discoverer, Dr. Hamer.

We in the Germanische Heilkunde operate in emergencies, but also for strategic reasons.

An emergency would be, for example, an impending intestinal obstruction. Strategic reasons would be, for example, if a so-called healing cysts have reached several kilograms. We in Germanische Heilkunde will also send the patient to a surgery center to have the cyst surgically removed, because the patient will not burden himself with a huge ovarian, or testicular cyst for the rest of his life.

A strategic reason would also be, if the woman gets into hysterics and desperately wants the lump gone, so she can regain her peace of mind. In that case, we also advise removing the lump in the breast.
This may not be necessary for medical reasons, but it helps the woman to avoid any follow-up conflicts.
Also, a strategic reason would be, if the breast gets into a hanging healing and threatens to rot off.
To save this woman from further follow-up conflicts, we also advise surgery.

For example, we would also advise surgery in case of a cataract, which is hanging healing from a severe visual separation conflict. Even if the track is avoided or the conflict is resolved, the patient cannot restore the initial state optimally, due to the many recurrences.

In other words, a permanent severe impairment would remain even if the conflict is solved. So, even in such a case, we advise transplanting the lens.

One is then really just amazed. The operation is done within a few hours, and the patient can look like an eagle again. So hats off to what conventional medicine is doing here.

We are often accused of being entirely against conventional medicine, but that is not true. Dr. Hamer said that the doctor must treat the patient as he would treat his own wife.

Where is conventional medicine successful? It is successful in emergency medicine!
There they achieve remarkable things, and this should remain so. Future medicine will be based on Germanische Heilkunde, and emergency medicine as complementary medicine.

Continue to study the Germanische Heilkunde, and have fun with it. Proof it on yourselves. On your environment, and trust your own mind.

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