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What Causes Intestinal Cancer? – German New Medicine Explanation

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For intestinal cancer, constipation, diarrhea, colic, colitis ulcerosa etc … an anger conflict is responsible.

Today’s topic: What causes intestinal Cancer?

In the intestine, we have glandular tissue and smooth muscle. The glandular tissue is responsible for digesting and absorbing the food morsel. The smooth musculature makes the intestinal movement, also called peristalsis.

The glandular tissue is controlled by the brain stem, and the smooth muscle from the midbrain. Accordingly, they are also two different special programs.

The conflict content for the glandular tissue is the morsel that cannot be broken down or absorbed. The conflict content for the smooth musculature is also the morsel that cannot be moved on.

With both special programs, the biological sense lies in the active phase and works purposefully together to get rid of the cause, for example, the stuck morsel in the intestine.

The intestinal villi increase a bit in front of the stuck morsel and produce more digestive juices to clear the stuck morsel. The smooth musculature makes more peristalsis in front of the stuck morsel to loosen the morsel.

Ingeniously set up by Mother Nature.

What we need to understand is that Mother Nature associates! This stuck morsel can also be the anger with the mother-in-law, or someone else. After all, the exact cause, that is, the conflict, must be found.

If the conflict cannot be solved, the cell proliferation of the intestinal villi becomes larger and larger, and intestinal obstruction is dangerous.

So, the anger conflict has to be solved; you don’t have eternal time.

The smooth musculature makes a bit of mouthward increased peristalsis before the associated morsel, but the rest of the intestine is at rest, which is also known as constipation.

Constipation is the active phase of an anger conflict.

If I can remove this morsel, the cell division of the intestinal villi stops, and this intestinal tumor, which is now no longer needed, is broken down by the fungi and fungal bacteria in a tuberculous manner. One typically has blood in the stool, intestinal mucosal shreds, and tumor lumps.

On the other hand, the smooth muscle makes colic now in the healing phase. With less conflict load, you have diarrhea.

So diarrhea is the healing phase of an anger conflict.

In the crisis, one has a short repetition of the active phase, meaning intestinal paralysis, which may be diagnosed as paralytic ileus.

At the end of the healing phase, the tumor has decomposed, the intestine has scarred, and the peristalsis has calmed down.

However, each section of the intestine has a certain additional aspect.

The duodenum is the anger, mostly with family members.

The small intestine has indigestible anger with the aspect of starvation, for example, having something taken away.

The appendix is the ugly anger, such as the child having to watch the father beat up the mother.

The large intestine has the conflict content; one is falsely accused of something, for example, insurance fraud.

The further towards the rectum, the more insidious and vile this shit conflict is perceived to be.

Case study:

A man of about 30 has been dealing with Germanische Heilkunde for two years. By profession, he has to wedge customers and talk them into contracts to their disadvantage, which is not pleasant for him at all. One day such a customer wanted to sue him privately. That was his conflict with the colon. He was unjustly accused of something for which he was not responsible but for which his company was responsible. His job in this company now became a track for him. In the evening at home or on weekends, he entered the healing phase with blood in his stool.

He lost 25 kilos. He said the weight loss looked good, but he knew he was not healthy.

On the toilet, the shell was full of blood. He went for a colonoscopy and what he saw on the screen was a horrible picture of colitis ulcerosa.

He knew his conflict and decided still at the time of this colonoscopy to quit.

Said, done. He quit, and the colitis disappeared. He also regained his lost 25 kilos. And he is perfectly healthy again.

The remarkable thing about this case:

In terms of conventional medicine, he only went for the diagnosis but rejected everything else. He knew his conflict and proceeded causally. Practicing Germanische Heilkunde often means that you have to change your life. That’s what he did. He quit!

Between him and his health stood neither doctor nor medicine! As is well known, only the body can heal itself.

This case study should encourage you to continue to study Germanische Heilkunde. Knowing how your body works are more valuable than any material wealth.

Goodbye, until the following video

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