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Cystitis Acute: What is the Cause? – German New Medicine Explanation

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What causes Cystitis? – German New Medicine explanation

The bladder infection is the healing phase of a territorial marking conflict.

Today’s Topic: I have Cystitis Acute; what is the Cause?

The bladder is internally lined with squamous mucosa, which is from the red group. This squamous mucosa belongs to the outer skin pattern and hurts in the vagotonic healing phase.

For the left and the right bladder half, there are correspondingly two brain relays, which are moreover in the territorial area.

Besides handedness, hormonal status plays a significant role in the territorial area.

Accordingly, we have the female and the male territorial marking conflict as biological conflict content.

One can imagine such a territory marking conflict like; for example, the dog marks its territory.

The male perceived conflict is about the outer territory. Typically about boundary disputes with the neighbor. Where exactly is the fence drawn?

The female perceived conflict is about the inner territory, that is, the nest and the children.

A typical female territory marking conflict is the conflict of determining the location. For example, when the woman does not know to which man she belongs or with which man she should build her nest.

If she then knows this man I belong to, she will come into the healing phase and have her bladder infection.

With the girl, the cause is often when she can’t lock her bedroom, and everyone goes in and out as they feel like.

In the active phase, the squamous epithelium ulcerates, which does not hurt and is inconspicuous. The purpose, as always with squamous epithelium, is ulcerative widening.

Here, in particular, to better mark the territory with more urine. In the healing phase, the squamous epithelium is refilled with swelling, inflammation, and pain.

With syndrome – that is, when water is retained at the same time – this swelling can become enormous, and can also be diagnosed by conventional medicine as cancer of the urinary bladder.

Attention: All cancers diagnosed by conventional medicine from the red group are always healing phase symptoms!

The crisis, as always in squamous epithelium, is the absence, which is usually not noticed.

With the crisis, the swelling goes down, and at the end of the healing phase, all is well again.

If one gets into hanging healing with this territorial marking conflict, the squamous epithelium is built up and built up – similar to the wart of the outer skin – which finally leads to the so-called papillomas.

Now, a great case study of chronic cystitis of a mother of many children. This illustrates the mechanism of the track very well.

As a mother of many children, the children are a full-time job!

One son was supposed to do the homework, but the little daughter had to be taken to a birthday party.

However, the somewhat shy girl did not want to stay so easily without her mother.

The mother had to spend two hours talking to the girl, so she finally wanted to stay alone.

In the back of her mind, however, the mother had her son’s homework, which also had to be done. On the one hand, she had to stay with the girl, and on the other hand, she was supposed to be at home with her son.

The mother described it as a feeling of being torn. This was her female territory marking conflict. She could not mark her children, biologically speaking.

Arriving home with the son, he had already done the homework, and she came in healing with a bladder infection.

From this event on, however, she kept coming to the track in similar situations, and from now on, she reacted chronically with a bladder infection.

She considered:

In the past, after all, she was also challenged by the children and was often supposed to be in different places at the same time. But she never used to react with the bladder. Why?


In the past, this situation was not associated with a biological conflict, but since this conflictive event, she reacts allergically to such situations.

She will probably only be able to solve it when the children no longer take her up in such a way.

This case study shows very nicely why one suddenly reacts allergically to something that did not bother one before.

By the way:

The tissue types, the Biological Conflict, the healing phase after conflict resolution, the crisis, the tracks, the different courses of conflict, etc., are the same in all Sensible Biological Special Programs.

So there is something like a common thread through Germanische Heilkunde. Once you have found these common threads, you can easily deduce many things and do not have to learn the diagnosis chart by heart. There is a system similar to physics.

Have fun with your study moving forward, and goodbye,

until the following video

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