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What Causes Constipation – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

If you know what causes constipation, you also know what to do.

We recently had a unique experience with a friend’s 11-year-old son.

I have good conversations with this friend, even about topics she is not interested in, such as GHK. The other day, she confided in me about her son’s severe constipation, expressing her worry and frustration. Despite her best efforts with home remedies, the situation remained unchanged. As a close friend, I could sense her concern and immediately thought of Germanische Heilkunde, a topic I had often discussed with her. She asked me for my insights on what causes constipation.

So I explained that her son must have had an indigestible anger conflict active for a few days. Something where he feels that he has not gotten enough of something, and this conflict is active; he has not yet gotten what he wants or what he thinks he is supposed to get. Only when he can resolve the conflict will he get diarrhea in the healing phase. There must have been something. What could it have been?

My friend didn’t have to think for long before recognizing the conflict in her son.
A week ago, he and his younger brother were arguing loudly and causing real trouble. Even after several admonishments and warnings, they wouldn’t stop, so my friend announced that pocket money was off for a week, period!

This was the DHS for the 11-year-old, the conflict shock he didn’t see coming. He got 5 dollars a week in pocket money and was saving up for an online game he wanted to buy the following week. Without the 5 dollars, he had to wait an extra week for that game, which hit him hard.

It had been five days since the pocket money ban. She now knew that it was within her power to fix the cause of constipation if she gave him the $5 today. However, this would mean that her son would not learn his lesson, that his actions have consequences, and he would take his mother’s authority less seriously in the future. So my friend decided that her son would still get through the remaining two days of constipation, and she mentally prepared herself for the following healing phase: a week of diarrhea. And that’s what happened.

As soon as her son had received his pocket money, he disappeared into the toilet and occupied it for the next few days. However, he also reacted with the smooth intestinal muscles, which caused colic, i.e., violent intestinal cramps. If she hadn’t been prepared in advance for the likelihood of intestinal colic, she would have called the ambulance (as she assured me); the colic was so severe. But after a few days everything calmed down, and the boy gradually began to have normal bowel movements again.

I am curious to see whether this experience with her own child will motivate my friend to perhaps take a serious look at GHK herself. Especially if one has children, one cannot afford not to have this knowledge.

Comment by GHK Academy

Thank you for this testimonial. I don’t think the relationship between cause and effect can be shown and explained anymore clearly. Also, you announced the solution and the upcoming healing phase to your friend in advance. Bravo!

Unfortunately, some people are not even impressed enough by their own experiences to actually get to study GHK. I hope that your friend behaves in a more biologically intelligent way and now learns about GHK herself for the sake of her children.

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