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Chronic Cramps and Diarrhea – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Good day, I got rid of chronic cramps and diarrhea after 27 years.

I thank you and your commitment to the truth.
One really can relate to and experience GHK for oneself.
Thanks to you, I discovered a 27-year-old conflict that had caused me to have cramps in my intestines and diarrhea, even if only for a few days to 1 to 2 weeks, but repeated endlessly.
At the age of 23, I got involved with the wrong business partners, and we ran our first company into the ground at minus 200,000 euros.
Blame for me was that my partners threw the money out the window, causing the damage, while I (subjectively ego thought) diligently tried to save everything.
I had lost everything at the time, not a cent, homeless and that at 23!
I was a week in an almost coma (only sleep, not wanting to see anyone), and then I went to clean up.
About six months later, I had 300,000 euros again in the bank account, out of nothing, just by a brilliant business idea and a new start.
I paid back all the debts and came out of it stronger. Since then, no crisis has ever troubled me; it all bounces off; I’m also in great health …

But the moment of shock from that time was never gone.

But whenever someone in my immediate environment, “a partner in business or friendship,” throws my money out of the window, even if it is insignificant small sums, I react with anger and cramps in my gut; that was my track. If there was an injustice where I was indirectly blamed, I reacted with diarrhea—an indigestible annoyance with the aspect of starvation.
It is exciting that I even dreamed of it in each case and about 4 to 5 a.m. I am wide awake.
Unfortunately, ” no addressee or reference was to be recognized in the dream on “this envelope,” which of my creditors had shocked me (at that time the shock, hundreds of letters with creditor claims).
Last night in deep relaxation (massage with nodding off), I suddenly had “everything right before my eyes,” I recognized the sender and became aware that I had also paid my debts to him at that time.
The next night the intestinal cramps were as good as gone, although they had been very severe for days.
Your work is a valuable service to humanity. Someday the truth will prevail.
Kind regards

Note by GHK Academy:

Your problem was the track that had accompanied you for 27 years; although the conflict was resolved, the track remained active.
Only by recognizing the actual conflict and realizing that this conflict is meaningless today did this track vanish into thin air and thus free you.
Someday the truth will prevail, for sure! Until then, however, many people still have to suffer, often entirely unnecessarily. The help would be so simple by understanding these connections.

One can learn it and thereby becomes free!

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