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Proper Nutrients in German New Medicine

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Proper nutrition is essential in German New Medicine, especially in any tuberculous healing phase.

But not in the sense of “healthy nutrition” could prevent or cure cancer or other diseases,

but provide the body with everything it needs to accomplish healing phases.

Meaning of Proper Nutrients and Diets in the German New Medicine

The GHK applies to the diseases that arise from themselves. So for cancer, chronic diseases, allergies, and psychoses. It does not apply to injury, poisoning, or extreme malnutrition, such as Scurvy due to vitamin C deficiency.

What significance does nutrition have from the point of view of GHK?

Nutrition is existential, because without food, one starves to death.

In the tuberculous healing phase, we also pay much attention to protein-rich nutrition.

We are here with the old brain-controlled programs, lung, liver, colon, and breast, because here one loses a lot of protein, which we must supply with nutrition.

Think of the consumption of pulmonary tuberculosis around the turn of the century. The poor, who could not afford a protein-rich diet and could not compensate for this deficit of protein, have died like flies.

The rich were wrapped in blankets, put in the fresh air, and fed with protein-rich Food. And these mostly survived their lung tuberculosis.

Therapeutic fasting, from the GHK point of view, is absolutely nonsense and dangerous in such a tuberculous healing phase.

Nonsense because one thinks one can “starve out” cancer. One imagines cancer as a malignant animal in the body. And if one eats less, this evil animal will starve away. This is dangerous superstition and can cost the patient’s life. Every mother is glad when she sees her sick child eating with appetite. No mother would refuse Food to her sick child! If you want to fast, then outside of these programs, and not if a special program is up and running. That can be dangerous.

A few words about the meatless diet:

Dr. Hamer was a vegetarian because of his deep respect for life. When he had a tuberculous healing phase, he ate the white of egg. Not the yolk, but the white, and plenty of it.

Of course, Food can become a track.

If, for example, you were forced to drink milk as a child and had an anger conflict with the intestine, then the milk may have been stored as a track during this conflict, leading to lactose intolerance with the intestine on the milk.

What happens with lactose intolerance?

By the track milk, one suffers a recurrence with the colon. In the active phase, you have cell proliferation of the intestinal villi and constipation. This is also the Biological sense to digest with more digestive juices this indigestible anger, “I am forced to drink milk.”

Once the milk has been digested, you enter the healing phase. This now no longer needed. Cell plus is broken down, and you have diarrhea and intestinal colic.

In other words, the milk causes a mini cancer! I know that sounds crazy, but that’s how it is.

No one would even think of milk as a carcinogen. And yet that happens with the allergic person, at least until the milk is avoided.

In such a case, you have to avoid the track! The Lactose intolerant must just avoid milk so he does not suffer recurrences.

Often, our foods contain various poisons. Pesticides, antibiotics, etc., and that’s not healthy at all; that’s self-evident.

But that falls into the poisoning field, where the GHK is not responsible. Particular Horrible; I find this genetically modified dirt that we are fed with which is certainly not healthy, no doubt about it.

The nutrition in GHK is existential. We attach great importance to proper nutrition in tuberculous healing.

But apart from the fact that Food can become a track, and can cause relapses and that you get sick chronically, and apart from the toxins in the Food…

No diet could protect you from cancer!

How should eating cereals protect you from your partner being unfaithful to you?

There is no nutritional form that could cure your cancer!

Now your partner is unfaithful. You react, for example, with breast cancer and think now that everything will be okay with cereal food?

There is also no nutritional form that could cause cancer because there are no carcinogens.

I know, that’s another strong statement, and I’ll make a video about this topic.

In conclusion and in summary, each special program always starts with a conflict shock. And has nothing to do with the diet.

The nutritional preachers leave the psyche out, just as much as the conventional medics and most of the alternative healers. The psyche of the patient is not interested. But everything happens there.

You should eat what you like!

Listen a lot more to your body! He already tells you what to eat. And enjoy the Food.

So, study the GHK; I’ll see you in the following video!


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