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What is being overweight? Explanation and Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

What is being overweight according to the Germanische Heilkunde?

What are the main reasons why people are overweight? Why is one person very slim his whole life, no matter what and how much junk food he eats, while another person gains weight from drinking a glass of water?

Is it really genetically determined as the propaganda tries to make us believe?
If so, this statement would be the first and only time conventional medicine would tell us the truth about anything. As a counter indicator, however, these statements are very useful. Always assume the exact opposite of what conventional medicine says!

Fat doesn’t make you fat; this is superstition, which I will not address in this article.

According to the GHK, there are two causes of obesity. The first is surprise – surprise, an excessive energy supply, not fat, but carbohydrates. However, this cause affects only about 10% of overweight people; the cause of obesity in the remaining 90% is something completely different.

Sugar relays: Alpha and beta island cells
Sugar relays: Alpha and beta island cells

So, what causes some people to compulsively and chronically eat carbohydrates? The DHS is a female perceived „fear-disgust-conflict“ (rape, spider, etc.) The HH (Hamer Foci) is in the Cerebral Cortex in the Alpha Islet Cells and causes hypoglycemia in the conflict active phase, so the opposite of diabetes. The organism prepares itself for a defensive fight or an escape, for which the muscles are already provided with plenty of sugar as additional energy.

Depending on the handedness, if this brain relay in the cerebral cortex is affected, the blood sugar level drops during the conflict-active phase (hypoglycemia). The affected person has the desire and also the need for carbohydrates in any form. If he triggers this track once a month, it does not affect the weight. But if he gets on this track once an hour, he will stuff himself with carbohydrates and naturally gain weight due to the excess energy.

In GHk, we have what is known as Kidney Collecting Tubules syndrome. It is one of the most important conflicts in the GHk because it is the only conflict that influences every other conflict and can sometimes be fatal. Our kidneys filter about 47 gallons (180 liters) of primary urine daily. The urinary substances are filtered out and excreted in the kidney collection tubes with about 0,4 gallons (1.7 liters) of urine daily.

If I suffer a conflict called a ‘refugee conflict’ by Dr. Hamer (I feel uncomfortable where I am, I feel left alone, or also abandoned), then my body will retain and store water—for example, a child who is taken from the mother to the grandmother or to the kindergarten.

If one has a conflict concerning only one kidney, the person concerned has the tendency to gain weight slightly. This tendency can be successfully counteracted with a lot of time and effort, but it is a lifelong struggle against the scales.
If a second conflict is added, which also closes the kidney collecting tubes of the second kidney, the patient is in the constellation (brainstem constellation – endoderm), then from the moment of the second conflict, the following psychological and organic symptoms appear immediately: (A constellation is two active conflicts in the respective opposite brain relay)

• the dominant eye squints to the outside
• the patient immediately has timely and local disorientation
• the patient thinks it is noon while the sun is already setting
• it can go so far that the patient is afraid to leave the apartment because he fears not finding his way home.
• He has an insatiable thirst and does not excrete more than 0.5 of a pint of urine daily.
• The patient literally gains weight from every glass of water; everything is stored.

If one of the two conflicts can be solved, the patient will excrete large quantities of very strong and foaming (protein-rich) urine and remain by the toilette. In this phase, attention should be paid to a protein-rich diet.

The Kidney Collecting Tubules syndrome influences all other conflicts because, with every other conflict in solution, the HH (Hamer Foci) in the brain will be repaired with fluid storage. In the case of KCT syndrome, much more edema water is stored, which can cause headaches and coma due to too high brain pressure. Also, all organs repaired in the healing phase under swelling will swell much more because of the syndrome. KCT syndrome intensifies the healing symptoms, which can lead to complications.

A real case study.

A good friend of mine worked a second job as a professional dominatrix (no, I never used her service:-)). Years ago, a man took her to the unusual world of the sadomasochist scene. She experienced a ‘fear-disgust conflict’ on her male/manic territory side in the cerebral cortex. She came into a constellation with this second conflict in the cerebral cortex. Since this moment of conflict, her thoughts have constantly highlighted this conflict because her preferred sexuality revolves around sadomasochist practices. Therefore, she has her fear-disgust conflict active, and her blood sugar falls chronically when she is out of sexual surroundings. This woman can’t find another solution and eats carbohydrates all day. Every single thought of sex puts her on track. She always has something sweet to eat or a bagel in her hand. Every thought of sex triggers her track. She was once a slim girl, and now she weighs an estimated 330lb (150kg).

She will never lose weight. She will never solve this conflict because regular sex without sadomasochism is meaningless to her; normal sex does not emphasize her conflict on the manic side in the cortex.

Second case study.

Several years ago, we spent the winter in Mallorca. There, we met a woman from Belgium who came to Mallorca at the end of the tourist season to bring her daughter back to Belgium for the winter. It turned out that this woman decided to stay in Mallorca during the winter, so the daughter flew alone to Belgium until the following season.

We knew the daughter only from what her mother had told us. The following spring, the mother asked for help with her daughter, who had returned to work as a hotel animator. The daughter gained several kilos within a few days and asked what could be done?

I had never met, nor had I ever spoken to the daughter before. When the daughter turned to me, I asked her three questions:

1. Have you noticed that your right eye has emigrated to the outside? She answered yes!
2. Can it be that you are temporally and locally disoriented? She answered yes, that’s true!
3. Do you feel very lonely? And suddenly, she had tears in her eyes.

The handiness does not influence this, but this young woman had two active ‘refugee conflicts’ in a constellation. She spontaneously outlined one conflict: she had fallen in love with a man in Belgium; however, to work in Mallorca, she had to leave him behind, which meant the end of their relationship. She came into a constellation with this conflict and had gained several pounds in a few days.

The other conflict also had to be found. She said there was no conflict with her mother, and everything was fine with their relationship. Two days later, however, in lots of tears, she accused her mother of abandoning her. She had to be alone in Belgium all winter, which was very stressful for her.

This tearful declaration, with plenty of reproaches for her mother, could solve her first conflict. All of the constellations were immediately gone. She urinated foamy, intensely smelling urine nonstop. In one week, she lost almost all the weight. However, she no longer had the body I would imagine a very sporty animator would have.

About three months later, the mother told me that her daughter had fallen in love with a colleague, which meant she had now solved the second kidney conflict. So she has also eliminated the remaining excess weight and is again as sporty as a year ago.

I had been given only one symptom, a high weight gain. I wasn’t provided with a CT scan of her skull, and I knew nothing about the psyche of the young woman. But since we have three levels in the GHk (brain, psyche, and organ), one can deduce from one level to the other two; the psychological peculiarities must also be available for questioning in the case of clear organ events. As the daughter confirmed the organ events, I knew, even without the CT, which conflicts must have been present, which the patient should then solve in a targeted manner.

I will now outline the Biological Sense to make overweight easier to understand.

From ontogenesis (biological development history), we know that our ancestors lived in the Primordial Sea as ring-shaped animals. If such an animal was washed to the beach, what was the most sensible strategy for survival? If this animal moves in one direction, there is a 50% chance it will move further away from the sea. So the best strategy is simply to stay in place, drink every puddle of water, keep all the water in your body, and wait. The next tide is sure to come. Hence the temporal and local disorientation.

When the next tide comes, and you swim in your element again, the kidneys open immediately, and all the stored water is gone. Anyone with a slight tendency to gain weight can do it for himself. If an overweight person jumps into the sea, he will urinate at least five times in the seawater after 3 minutes!! As soon as the person is in seawater, the kidney collection tubes open immediately, regardless of whether only one kidney is affected or both kidneys are in the healing phase.

Dr. Hamer recommended – of course, only symptomatically therapy – for patients with very strong edema in the healing phase to take a 2-hour daily bath with 2lb (900gm) of pure sea salt in 25 gallons (95 Liter) of water. This can trick the body so that it excretes excess water because it thinks, “I’m back in my natural element; everything’s fine.”

In the past, I had a conflictive experience, which was active for about 5 hours and started several SBS simultaneously. Among others was the kidney collection tubes syndrome. This makes other programs of the squamous epithelium quite problematic for me, which would otherwise only be a little unpleasant, but in conjunction with KTC (kidney collection tubes, i.e., the syndrome), it became quite painful. After only 5 hours of the syndrome, my stomach, and hips were clearly and visibly bloated.

I also had an active territory marking program with my ureters. In the middle of the night, I started the full healing phase of all my programs, including the syndrome. Unfortunately, my urethra was also in healing and thus swollen, but without pain, so I could hardly excrete any urine.

Luckily, only a few steps are between my bed and the sea. So, in the middle of the night, I went into the sea every 30 minutes. I couldn’t sleep anyway because of the pain. Everything opened as soon as I was in the water, and lots of water from the edema flowed out of me. Also, the blockage of the urethra was immediately opened.

We have been vegetarians for many years and try to avoid animal products as much as possible. Eggs usually make me feel disgusted. When I went into healing with the endoderm programs (e.g., syndrome), my body urgently needed proteins. I became incredibly weak, suffered a lot, and had a strong craving for eggs. So, to my wife’s surprise, I asked her to buy eggs and make me an omelet two times a day!

The eggs were suddenly tasty, and I felt no disgust. The supply of extra protein during the healing phase of the endoderm helped my condition to improve in a few minutes. Two days later, the swelling of the urethra still blocked the free excretion of the remaining edema water. Each time I went into the sea up to the navel, this was enough to allow large quantities of edema water to flow unhindered out of me. I don’t want to know what I would have done if I didn’t have the sea liberating me. However, a bathtub with plenty of pure sea salt would have served this purpose.

I added this personal addendum to this article to clarify the following. Even if you know the GHk well, it does not protect you from conflicts. You cannot protect yourself from unexpected events (unexpected is one of the three basic prerequisites for a biological conflict experience). Still, I knew that I was active with different programs. Some I could identify immediately, and others only appeared through the symptoms of the healing phase (marking territory = ureter).
I didn’t let time pass and clarified the situation as quickly as possible (even in the middle of the night). I don’t want to know what would have happened if I had let days pass before resolving the problem. Based on the symptoms, both in activity and in the healing phase, I was able to identify six different programs that were involved.

I know the peculiarities and the biological meaning of all these programs, so I know what I can do to alleviate the symptoms (seawater). I also know how to support my body in healing (large amounts of proteins), and most importantly, I know that none of these symptoms are there to destroy my body or kill me.

These are necessary to return to a healthy body’s original state. So I don’t panic. Without the knowledge about the GHk, I would probably be in a panic in the intensive care unit and have lots of tubes and cables sticking in and out of my body. This is why I repeat my advice to everyone every day. Learn the GHk while you are healthy. Tomorrow, you can get into a situation where having this knowledge determines life or death. Make the GHK your hobby.

Only you suffer your conflicts; therefore, only you can solve them yourself. Nobody can eliminate the healing phase for you; you must go through it yourself. Nobody can heal you; only your own body can. So, it is better to know how your body works and what it is doing. and not to panic. Because as the old saying goes, he who panics first dies first.
Knowing Dr. Hamer’s 5 Biological Laws of Nature is the only thing that will help you not to panic.
Make Germanische Heilkunde your hobby because once you have a dangerous diagnosis, it’s too late to learn, then the only option is conventional medicine.

Thank you

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