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Symptoms of Parotid Gland Cancer in a Cat – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Symptoms of Parotid Gland Cancer in a bird watching Cat

Moving to a new house brings new challenges for humans and animals. For example, the nearby surroundings have to be explored and sniffed out for the first time, the taste of the regional rats and mice have to be tested, and the neighboring animals have to be assessed and labeled either friend or foe.
In the beginning it all seemed to go well, and nothing stood in the way of a relaxing summer – or so we thought.

And then a pair of sparrows decided to nest under our roof. Just out of reach of Gracio, our cat. They were, unfortunately, within sight, which should turn out to be fatal for our poor cat: Morsel conflict! Not being able to catch and eat the sparrows, even though they flew in and out almost under his nose. As soon as Gracio left the house, his eyes were fixed on the birds and the nest.

As could be predicted, he developed a tumor of the right parotid gland, fast-growing and thick. Our hair stood on end at this point. With knowledge of GNM, the problem was clear from the beginning, but only how to deal with it was still a mystery. Driving the birds away would have been a solution, even if it was foreseeable that they would not stay too long.
But it turned out better than expected. Our cat decided for himself that he had to let go of this morsel. From then on, he kept out of sight of the nest and cultivated an attitude of ‘well then, I don’t care.’
And again, as could be predicted, the tumor broke down tuberculously and sought its way through the skin. A lot of bloody, yellowish mass came out of the wound, and Gracio cleaned and cleaned. After a few days, nothing was left of the thick cheek, the hole was healing, and only the growing hair reminded us of this ‘drama’ in a cat’s life.
How happy we were not to have to visit a vet. No panic or hearing the options of surgery or even euthanasia, no smearing ointments and bandaging the head. The use of a funnel around the ears in the healing phase was possible, but mostly just observing and knowing!

– Thank you for the great insights into the world of healing knowledge.
– Thank you to all who spread and shared Dr. Hamer’s insights!
– And thank you to all who have remained open to the truth despite teachings to the contrary.

Note by Helmut Pilhar

Just as with animals, so it is with human beings! Only – we are so stupid and run to the conventional medicine dominated by the “Deep State.” There we get the diagnosis shock with follow-up conflicts and the pseudo-therapy limited to 5 years of survival. Through our social contributions, we finance our agony and legalize it with our signature.
No animal would ever be that stupid …

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