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Stomach Cramps – Asterix, Obelix, & the Corona Vaccination – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Stomach Cramps & Diarrhea because an intelligent business partner had gotten his C-Vaccination

On Monday, after dinner, my stomach started cramping. These short bursts of pain usually lasted only 5 to 10 seconds, but they quickly disappeared. I could not remember ever having such a pain in my stomach. At most, I had experienced such feelings after too many sit-up exercises when the muscles started to feel tight the next day. Therefore, I blamed the whole thing on the dinner and assumed that these pains would disappear again at the latest after my toilette the following day.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. The stomach pain came in short bursts throughout the next day, as it was the night before, and I slowly began worrying about the cause. Despite my (limited) knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde, I began to worry that I might have severe stomach problems. Might the consequences of my daily caffeine tablet consumption now be becoming apparent? Has the caffeine made a “hole in my stomach”? Have I eaten too many sweets in the last few days?

These, and similar thoughts, formed in my head over the next three days. It was clear to me from the beginning that as long as the pain would not get worse and more permanent, I would definitely not go to the doctor or the hospital. For the next few days, my stomach bubbled, often followed by violent flatulence, some of which smelled awful. Usually, my flatulence does not smell, which I attribute to my vegetarian diet.

After the cramps have accompanied me for four days now, and I still could not identify a cause for the recurring pain, I read a post in a forum on the Internet. Where someone wrote that he terminated his friendship with his acquaintances who had themselves vaccinated for Corona. He justified his decision to his acquaintances by saying that he did not want to get stomach ulcers if he had to discuss with such people again the meaningfulness of this “vaccination.”

Then the scales fell from my eyes, and I recognized the cause of my stomach cramps!

About three days before the first stomach spasms set in, I had a conversation with one of my best friends from Germany (hereafter referred to as Obelix because he’s big and strongly) built! Short interjection for better understanding: Obelix is a gym owner and is friends with Asterix (a brilliant guy with high expertise, but unfortunately, with little motivation to deal with political issues!). This Asterix is also one of my best and closest friends. In addition, Asterix is also my business partner because we have been running a joint online marketing agency via the Internet for several years. I am abroad.

Asterix is in Germany and lives in the same city as Obelix, the gym owner. Back to the conversation with Obelix:

We talked again about the topic of Corona vaccination, and we are both of the same opinion: Vaccination only on our dead bodies! In this course, I mentioned that he should perhaps be a bit more specific with our mutual friend Asterix about the danger of this “vaccination.” Because I have the feeling that he is not yet quite familiar with this issue – primarily because of his lack of interest in the relevance of critical political topics.

Therefore, I said to Obelix: “The next time Asterix is with you, why don’t you show him some pictures of vaccine damage and some statistics so that you can explain it to him again? I would do it myself, but unfortunately, I’m not on-site.” Obelix replied: “You’re a bit late! Asterix has already been vaccinated! When he came to my gym a few days ago, he signed in like all the other customers, putting a check mark by ‘vaccinated’.”

I could hardly believe it! Was Obelix pulling my leg to see how I would react to such an absurd statement about being vaccinated?

I immediately asked if he was serious, which he promptly confirmed.

Had Asterix really gotten carried away with the vaccination? After all the information I had given him in the last 18 months about Corona, “viruses,” and vaccination danger? Asterix also knew that I had broken off contact with many people in my immediate environment after being vaccinated because I didn’t want to get too close to such potential spike protein slingshots. When I talked with Asterix about such topics, I always felt that he would listen to me attentively and understand my explanations well. At no time did I have the feeling that Asterix was falling prey to vaccination propaganda.

Entirely horrified that Asterix had apparently been vaccinated, I tried to assess in my head what this now meant for our friendship, our business relationship, and our common future. With a common future, I intended to convince him, in the long run, to leave Germany and build up something abroad together with me. I always thought I was on the right track and that it was only a matter of time before he would realize that there was no future for him in Germany. Also, I wanted to travel the world with him and had in this connection already innumerable plans in my head, which I wanted to realize together with Asterix. So, I planned him firmly in my life!

Now that he’s vaccinated and probably a spike protein spreader, I had to bury those plans mentally. The next thing that popped into my head was our business relationship: can, or should I, even bring up the vaccination issue with Asterix? If I did, in the worst case, it would end in an argument (we usually never argue!), and at best, he would say, “Yeah, it was stupid of me, but that’s how it is now.” Either way, it would hardly make our business relationship any better! So, I pretended I had never received this information and asked Obelix not to let Asterix know what he had just told me under any circumstances.

No matter how you turn it, a discussion about this topic with Asterix seemed relatively pointless to me because I wanted to avoid giving him a fear-of-death conflict by explaining and pointing out to him, for the umpteenth time, what’s in these “vaccinations” and what has been found under the microscope meanwhile.

So, I was confronted over several days with obsessive thinking, which turned again and again around the following questions:

  • Have I failed as a friend? What else could I have done/said to stop him from making this fatal decision?
  • What will happen to both of us in terms of business? If he were to die as a result of the vaccination, it would be a significant loss for me on a human level and in terms of our joint online business.
  • Am I perhaps overreacting? Ultimately, it’s his decision, and he will have his reasons – actually, it’s none of my business! Why am I worrying so much about this?
  • Maybe he was just lucky, and he got injected with a placebo…

These and many other thoughts determined my thinking for about four days. Parallel to this was the stomach spasms, which I did not associate with each other until I read the mentioned forum post.

From the moment I could see the connection, I realized what was triggering my stomach cramps. A few hours later, I felt a strong urge from the intestinal region that made me run to the bathroom. In contrast to the last few days, I had sudden violent diarrhea, which accompanied the next four days (before that, my stool was solid, as always). After each “toilet session,” I felt how my stomach and intestines became more and more regular, and I was convinced that I had found and solved the conflict.

I simply accepted that this is how it is now, that I can’t change anything anyway, and that things are now taking their course anyway. This was the beginning of the healing phase.

With each day, the stomach pains became less until they finally disappeared altogether. My bowel movements also wholly returned to normal. I learned three things from this story:

  • If you are looking for the causes long enough, you will find the conflict, even if sometimes you only come across it by “accident.”
  • You have to remain absolutely calm about such things, think about the powers of your body and mind, and not immediately run to the doctor. I don’t even want to know what I would have been diagnosed with by a doctor….
  • The chaff separates now (unfortunately) slowly from the wheat. The media fear propaganda, and the political pressure, which is constantly increasing, will tempt many previously clear-thinking people to get the golden shot. The example with my friend Asterix showed me that it doesn’t matter at all how intelligent someone is or what education or title someone has. If one has not understood at least in basic principles of how this system, in which we all live, functions, and works, it will catch you sooner or later!

Note by: GHK Academy

A very nice example of a Morsel conflict. Our writer (man, 40 years) became conflictively aware that his plans with his friend (morsel) are now gone.

In the active phase, the glandular tissue makes a flat-growing tumor. The smooth muscle of the stomach is at rest. In the intestine, it would be called flatulence or constipation). Locally, however – where the lump is now missing – there is increased peristalsis, which our writer describes as stomach spasms with short episodes. The beginning of the active phase is generally seldom noticed (obsessive thinking) and is diagnosed only after a more significant conflict load. But the healing phase is noticed immediately and lasts as long as the active phase (in the case of the writer: 4 days). The flat-growing tumor is now degraded tuberculously. As is well known, every tuberculosis stinks of carrion (rotten meat). The smooth muscle of the stomach now makes colic. This colic would generally be diarrhea in the intestine with its smooth muscle, where the exact mechanism occurs. And indeed, in our friend’s case, the upper small intestine reacted synchronously with it. In the small intestine, we have the conflict: “indigestible trouble with the aspect of starvation.”  The aspect of starvation? Hmm? Does it click, dear reader?

His now non-existent morsel (joint future with a friend) has, after all, also had a business relationship (starvation). Yes, one can feel such a thing as a swallowed and thus secured morsel. If this is now gone, this morsel is indigestible because it is no longer present. So the stomach wall makes large-scale cell multiplication to be able to digest each, perhaps still existing crumb of this morsel optimally. The writer forbade to speak also about this received information because he hoped to save something of it still.

Danger recognized, danger averted!

Do you see, dear readers, how necessary the knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde is? Our writer became aware of his Biological Conflict. This Biological Conflict instantly switches the entire body into permanent sympathicotonia, and the Hamers’ Focus in the brain strikes. Our writer recognized the cause of his symptoms. He saw his subconscious. With it, he saw himself from the outside. Yes, this is a tremendous conflict for him until today. And now, his intellectual mind could intervene and relativize this big problem (writer: “can’t change anything anyway”). I hope for our writer that no tracks (unresolved partial aspects of this conflict) remain. But even then, he would know why.

If he had not recognized his conflict, he would have continued to build up the conflict load. The active phases’ symptoms would have become stronger until a few weeks later; a doctor would have diagnosed him with stomach cancer (thickened stomach wall). How it would have gone on then, we all know enough about our environment. We all have victims to mourn.

But in this way – with the knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde – nobody stood between his hidden conflict and his present waking mind. There was also nobody standing between him as a sick person and his health: no doctor and no “therapy.” Our writer has healed himself.

By the way, it should be mentioned that this causal therapy did not cost anything to our writer and did not cost anything to any health insurance. And also worth mentioning the Germanische Heilkunde is that it has NO SIDE EFFECTS. One becomes really healthy – even from conventional medicine’s perspective.

Make Germanische Heilkunde your hobby!

And do not let yourself be digitized by graphene oxide and thus robbed of your soul. You would lose your humanity. You would become a machine within 5G. There is no antidote. But they would have your freely given signature. Don’t be stupid, and don’t be seduced.

Great praise to the writer!

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