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Spontaneous Healing of Cross-Generation Allergy – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Mother and child spontaneously heal their simultaneous allergies by ending family generational patterns!

Organs Affected:

Nasal Membrane & Sinuses
Embryonic Germ Layer: ectoderm
Brain Control Center: cerebral cortex

Kidney Collecting Tubules
Embryonic Germ Layer: endoderm
Brain Control Center: brainstem

Symptoms: sneezing, runny nose, and fluid retention during conflict-active phase; increased urine output, nasal stuffiness and tiredness upon conflict resolution during healing phase.

GHk Explanation: Nasal membrane and sinuses relate biologically to a stink conflict or a literal shitty situation; “this stinks,” causing ulcerations of the nasal mucosa during the Conflict-Active Phase and swelling of the nose and sinuses during the Healing Phase. The kidney-collecting tubules relate biologically to an existence or abandonment conflict, causing water retention.

Most my life I had it; a snotty nose, snot rag by my side in every room. My daughter was born and her symptoms from breastfeeding while I snuck my dairy [loved it but would sneeze at the word pizza!] were really terrible. She had snot just like me. I raised her vegan and I cleaned up my diet as well for myself. For a while we went by alright with mild symptoms or sometimes a constant sniffle. I used my neti pot and oils to relieve me and got more relief briefly if I would leave the house. As I began to have more revelations with her father, I decided to eat more dairy [comfort food] and had less discipline. On the days I particularly felt left behind or abandoned, my allergies got so bad I was back to the snot rags all around. But then… on Mother’s Day [a day that was a serious track to a shitty situation I couldn’t escape; linked to MY mother as well as my motherhood], my resilience reached an all-time high. He again was over me yelling and belittling me, making me feel not important and exiled. Why should he celebrate me as a mother? I am not his mother. This felt like an exact definition of a shitty situation I THOUGHT I was stuck in! The exact drunken, hungover energy that made me feel small and stuck as a child; my mother was also an alcoholic and blamed the world! Nothing was worth celebrating and I always waited for her to acknowledge me or come home.

Without exciting my emotions, keeping quiet for my sleeping toddler, I said “You will regret this day, I promise you.” Even though I still had to live with him for 5 more weeks, by week 2 my allergies dried up completely! And miraculously, my daughter @3, also healed her dairy allergy simultaneously with me. When I say healed completely even under the same roof, I mean completely. We ate pizza, yogurt, chocolate milk and ice cream, no snot, no more sneezes. Simultaneously, I released a ton of fluid and lost a bit of weight, possibly 10 pounds, in the next few weeks. Prior to studying GHk as much as I do currently, I was not aware of the differences in my urine when in Conflict-Active Phase and vs. the Healing Phase. Now, I notice my urine color, smell and frequency and can confirm each change matches my emotions within psyche and where I am in processing the conflict.

Now, if I am triggered in the same emotions that make me feel martyr and as if I am stuck, or specifically “waiting” on something [existence/abandonment], even my daughter’s father saying, “we will talk later”, I get the sniffles or a slow nasal drip. When I confirm and take action – like approaching what he is waiting to speak bout, on my own, they immediately dry up! The affirmation of facing the situation and getting myself out of it mentally, is key. I can now feel my allergy symptoms of a runny nose or stuffiness literally cease when I take a moment to reflect and confirm. The stuffiness will usually become fully enhanced for sometimes only a brief 3 minutes and then disappears.

Currently, my cats are a track. More so if I have to clean up after them so much that it feels like a shitty situation again. Once I am done cleaning, no more snot.

As a child living with my mother, they became a track to the shitty situation I couldn’t escape and also quite literally a “STINK conflict.” I try not to clean as long or develop the martyr [and quite manic!] mentality by taking breaks to get fresh air and staying positive as well. When I was younger, I cursed the cats who had food when we did not! Our mother would actually say I was allergic to dairy when I was younger, before I had any symptoms, because it was a more expensive food to buy [this is where the blame and guilt met my conditioned poverty mentality and kept me really stuck! Be careful of the stories you tell; they’re not yours, they’re theirs!]. If my emotions are heightened and the smell becomes a track, leaving the house clears the symptoms [environment the stink/shitty situation conflict was created in as well as no cats!]; as long as I do not keep a martyr attitude and wallow in my misery, thus activating the track of waiting out a shitty situation and feeling abandoned or left out.

My daughter is now 9. She still enjoys her dairy and fully understands GHK. If she is in an active conflict of feeling like she is in a shitty situation with her father or paternal grandparents [who also often make her feel like a fish out of water or like she doesn’t belong there], she will sneeze and our cats also become a track for her. We will talk about things immediately, and I usually send her outside to run around and activate herself into healing with spirit [breath/air]. Within no time at all, she stops sneezing and feels her nose get stuffy and dry up. We always confirm this is the healing phase and this is where she is usually amazed and adds to the details herself! Kids can be resilient if you show them the way.

A side note from my healing journey is that usually these shitty situations that bring on the symptoms always have a hint of self-devaluation to them. My muscles are sometimes involved like when I am cleaning nonstop trying to keep up or feel like I am enough. Again, as a child, I was much like Cinderella in the foster-home I lived in for 10 years! The intense onset of the symptoms usually come with a shock of feeling left behind or not important, hinting at my overlapping existence/abandonment conflict. The manic thoughts make it hard to overcome the martyr mentality, thus allowing me to wait longer than I should be – on anything frankly! It is safe to say as a child, I was waiting on folks to show up. Upon facing the situation and healing of my allergy symptoms, I am always very tired and must rest. Sometimes, a nap is enough, other times I must turn in for the day; depending on the intensity of the conflict.

My advice is to take initiation for yourself, face your fears and know that you are always supported by the greatest source possible – your own mind. Affirmations of truth that have helped me come to realizations to overcome these symptoms are: “You are STRONG and resilient. You have all that you need, right now.”

Thank you for existing, for finding these words of truth and believing in yourself!

Thank the universe for Dr. Hamer, Helmut Pilhar and John Holledauer for their expertise and valiance.

“These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.” -Rumi.
Windy Leah, Healing Arts Practitioner | @fluxidity

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