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Symptoms of Stroke for Women – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

This is a testimonial concerning the symptoms of stroke for women: numbness, feeling of paralysis, and loss of sensation in a very mild form.

The symptoms feel like numbness, like anesthesia at the dentist, but weaker. The general motor functions are still intact, but it is unpleasant.

I am right-handed, and so my left side is my mother/child side.

I recently had a conversation with my mother’s husband. During this conversation, he firmly insisted that I should educate my mother so that she can make the best choices for her health. He knows that I have valuable information and understand Germanische Heilkunde according to Doctor Hamer, and he believes that I have a gift of persuasion, which he told me explicitly. But he still disguises his motives and pretends that they are mine. The communication generally smelled like manipulation to me, and I felt uncomfortable.

I told him that Germanische Heilkunde cannot be used to do good by forcing it on someone against their will, and I will not fight to save my mother. My mother is surrounded by very important and dominant representatives of conventional medicine. However, my mother’s husband is right in a way because now my mother listens to me more than before. And he asked again, ‘Why won’t you try to help her with the GHK? No, you have to!!! Olga!!! You’re the only one she listens to!!!” That was my DHS.

Loss of face. Immediately after the conversation, my left trigeminal nerve hurt, all three of its branches.
Loss of face – numbness of the facial nerve on the left.
Loss of speech – numbness of the lip and a little of the tongue on the left.
Inability to hold my mother – numbness of the left arm and to get to her, and numbness of the left leg.
On my right side, the muscles were slightly numb above the right eyebrow (this is my partner side). In summary, any conventional physician would diagnose this as symptoms of a stroke in women.

Because I also had a DHS with my mother with the kidney collecting tubes (syndrome), and she is my track, I always have more severe healing phase symptoms in conflicts relating to my mother than in other conflicts. My face was swollen, more so than usual, for two mornings in a row.

I solved the isolation immediately by talking to my husband. The trigeminal nerve went into resolution ‘by itself’, and after a while, the pain was already highlighting the healing phase. Nevertheless, I made it clear in a phone call how I would behave and what I would do, and I decided on it myself with my mother. However, the numbness didn’t go away, not even the following day, because, for me, the issue was very acute.

Was I afraid of these symptoms of stroke for women, the numbness and facial paralysis?
No. It doesn’t interfere with life, it actually forces me to do mental work, to use my brain, to be active. Yes, it’s somewhat unpleasant, but I don’t panic because I understand the laws of biology.

As a result, yesterday, I partially reduced the intensity of my conflicts and even resolved them to some extent and the proof was the twitching of my facial muscles, the epi-crisis. In our closed Telegram chatroom of like-minded Germanic students, we discussed ‘doing good and saving loved ones’. As I participated in the conversation, I partially resolved my conflicts as I rethought my attitude toward this situation.

In writing my testimonial, I got in touch again with the issue and triggered the track. The numbness worsened a bit again, but I’m not afraid of it. I have concrete plans and ways to deal with my situation, and I realize that I could find myself again in similar situations on a regular basis, as the conflict is related to people very close to me. I realize that I won’t be able to avoid them. But I no longer believe in scary diagnoses like symptoms of stroke for women, so I don’t suffer any follow-up conflicts. That is the great advantage of understanding Germanische Heilkunde by Doctor Hamer.

I have had a runny nose in the morning and evening and swollen nasal mucosa for the last two days. So it stank to me to explain the GHK to my mother, and now in the healing phase, my nasal mucosa has swollen because I have solved the stink conflict – I have understood the mechanisms of manipulation and recognized the connections, so I could stop condemning my mother’s husband for it.

Comment at GHK Academy

Thank you for this testimonial.

Your story is fascinating from several points of view. On the one hand, it shows how quickly one can react after just one conversation; with symptoms of stroke for women, it really can happen that quickly. That’s all it takes: a few wrong sentences that catch you on the wrong foot, and you can be diagnosed with a stroke, assuming you don’t know Doctor Hamer’s Germanische Heilkunde.

I think the diagnosis shock of a stroke is even worse than that of cancer.
With cancer, the oncologist still offers you the prospect of fighting the cancer for a few more years. But a stroke can be fatal at any time or within a few weeks. Such a diagnosis pulls the rug out from under your feet, and the numerous follow-up conflicts that you inevitably suffer with this diagnosis can kill you within a few weeks. That’s why I think the sentence that deserves the most attention in this testimonial is: “But I no longer believe in scary diagnoses like symptoms of stroke for women, and so I don’t suffer any follow-up conflicts. That is the great advantage of understanding Germanische Heilkunde by Doctor Hamer.”

Panic kills.

When we panic, we make wrong decisions, or we let ourselves be lured into wrong decisions. And when we panic, we suffer numerous follow-up conflicts.
Conventional Physicians are trained to induce panic, but understanding Doctor Hamer’s Germanische Heilkunde frees us from this panic. We remain capable of thinking and can come up with specific solutions to our conflicts. We remain calm and can seek advice and support from other people, but none of this is possible once we are panicking. The phrase: “He who panics first, dies first!” cannot be emphasized enough.

Therefore, the idea that stands out the most in this testimonial for me is:
Learn Germanische Heilkunde while you’re healthy because you can easily find yourself in an overwhelming situation, and without the GHK knowledge, you may never get out alive!

As this testimonial proves, Germanische Heilkunde is the medicine of freedom. No doctor and no medicine will ever again stand between you and your health.

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