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Leg Ulcers – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Several leg ulcers suddenly appeared and healed spontaneously, thanks to the GHK. How is that possible?

I am a 69 years old left-handed Female (MHS).
I became a single mother 30 years ago when I divorced the father of my three sons. The divorce was acrimonious, and my two oldest sons were clearly constellated due to the ceaseless parental disputes they were exposed to. Finally, during my 3rd pregnancy, I was able to end the relationship and make a fresh start as a single mother. Our middle son was born at eight months with Down’s syndrome, a testament to the loudness of our relationship!
I was aware that much damage had already been done to my sons, and could only hope that time and a peaceful home environment would heal the traumas I had, in my ignorance,
consented to inflict upon them.
I resorted to obsessively providing only natural foods and alternative healing modalities such as homeopathy, cranial sacral therapy, kinesiology, Anthroposophical medicine, and Waldorf education, in the belief that this would be healing for us all. Little did I know at this point anything about GHK and conflict shocks, although we must have been living in a veritable DHS soup for years. I instinctively knew that a life in line with “nature” was what we needed, but I was unaware of the distinction between generic “nature” and the biology of nature.

Thirty years later, and despite my family generally being very healthy, my first encounter with GHK 5 years ago resonated so strongly that I began to study what seemed to be an entirely new paradigm of healing. I am the full-time carer of my Down’s son, who also has a so-called “brain injury” and cannot walk independently. We live off the grid on a clifftop plot in Andalucia, a kind of smallholding with two dogs and ten chickens. The winter months are wonderful, but the summers are unbearably hot, and my sister and brother-in-law happily have my son for the two hottest months in the UK; this is my precious yearly break from full-time caring. Due to the second year of drought, my precious “care” free summers have been occupied by efforts to ensure a fair share of the ever-dwindling spring, which supplies all our water needs. Much arguing among the neighbors and needing to be on call for tank filling, constantly needing to check WhatsApp and telegram messages in the watering group is the last thing I needed, but water is existential, and I had to work hard in the heat to have it.

The causal DHS for the leg ulcers.

Leg ulcers: ankle outwards, shin inwards
Leg ulcers: ankle outwards, shin inwards

To make matters worse, the constellated (manic, depressive) “partner” of my oldest son (who, when manic, tries to break her dependency on her parents) decides to move here. We had discussed this possible change of lifestyle, and I had pointed out that under no circumstances should she (and my 7 yr old grandson) move down in the summer, that she must wait until September, at the earliest, when my Son, her partner, has finished his seasonal work on the wind turbines and is available to be a full-time father, and when all the families with children will be back from holidays and the worst heat is over, and of course because I will be having my annual break from caring.

Suddenly, they turn up! For the first time I met my grandson, I had only seen him a couple of times when he was a baby because, for many years, I was perceived as the witch mother-in-law and was ignored in their family. My son went back to work after helping them settle in ( there are two living spaces 100 yards apart on my finca, so I had my own space, thank goodness.)I enjoyed beach visits and pool playtime with my grandson, but the day after my son left, I felt her turn on me, and she attacked me verbally, blaming me for all the problems in their relationship, for not raising my son properly, etc., etc., I told her that I would be willing to talk to her when my grandson is asleep, she could come over to my space.
I felt like kicking her off my finca, how dare she come to my home and behave in this way in front her child, I had left an abusive relationship many years ago and I was not about to put up with this kind of behaviour again…ever.

But I also felt the need to help her, to tell her about a possible solution, if she were willing to study GHK, then to have a CT scan, we could all support her to get better. Indeed, the next day, she was calm, and I managed to broach the subject of GHK with her; she was interested, and I was very clear that she must study the basics for a couple of months, at least before the CT scan. She knew that she had to try something different, as the medication she was prescribed was unbearable, and she had stopped taking it, but then her moods were swinging a lot, and she was totally dependent on her parents to look after her and her son.

Leg ulcers: squamous epithelium and connective tissue in hanging healing
Leg ulcers: squamous epithelium and connective tissue in hanging healing

She would go through a phase of being paranoid about her parents, then it would swing, and the parents would be the good ones, and my son was the bad one, which is why they never cohabited, although he lived close by to help with his son. It was difficult to engage in all this unwanted drama, I was aware that I only had a few more weeks without my special needs son and I must rest, and be ready for another ten months of full time caring. As the parents had arrived I managed to “escape” to cooler north Spain to stay with my youngest son, three days of “meet the parents” was the most I could bear.

When I returned three weeks later, I felt I had put it all behind me, though I was acutely aware that my son was at the point of giving up once and for all on their relationship while at the same time deeply desiring that it would work, saying he would commit, and live with her and make it work.
I was incredulous that he would actually move in with her at this point. He so much wanted to have a “happy family,” and when things were good, they were really, really good. It just never lasted more than a few days before her mood would change.
How could he suddenly think that it would work?
Well it didn’t last for more than a couple of weeks, he packed up and left her, and came here. Around this time, I noticed two small cuts on my left leg, one on the outside of my ankle and the other on my shin slightly higher up my leg. I assumed they were cuts from walking the dogs among the very dry drought bushes, but they felt very different when I touched them.

I had to reorganise our life, I found a person who could come and housekeep for me, my family agreed to pay them, as none of them could come to help immediately. Now my left knee also started hurting so much, as I go into healing with the self-devaluation conflict of losing my
mobility (sportiness-knee).


Leg ulcers: squamous epithelium and connective tissue in hanging healing.
Leg ulcers: squamous epithelium and connective tissue in hanging healing.

My achilles tendon and heel are also very painful, I have a swollen lymph node in my left groin, also a self devaluation conflict in healing.
My entire identity as a healthy, fit, active person took a big hit with this; my friends couldn’t believe that I was in a wheelchair! The amazing 69-year-old who climbs up and down the steep ravine to the beach and swims out in the sea?
And to make things worse, I am obviously conflicted active, because two more ulcers are appearing, one further up and one on the inside of my ankle…what is going on? I have to resolve this conflict, I cannot be so helpless like this, my family are freaking out, they want me to see a doctor or nurse, saying that this could become gangrene…I am more worried about how to contain their fears while I must figure out this conflict so I can resolve it…and go into healing.
I get my calendar and look for reminders of what the conflict could be.

At first, I was so sure it was the drought situation that made me have to stride out in the midday heat to try and get water in the tank…but then John reminded me that it could not be a separation from a situation, only from a living being. Back to the calendar, so many confrontations with neighbours about the water, a near accident on the way to North Spain, then I finally figured it out, and at the same time my heart sank because I realised that I have been conflict active for a long time, since August 8th. The day I marked on my calendar “volcano”, the day she “attacked” me and I wanted to kick her off my finca,(the outer ulcer) then the next day I was trying to (hold on to her) help her. The ulcer on my shin.I suffered a separation conflict on behalf of my son with his “partner”, on my partner side.
I became totally dependent on everybody around me; it was so painful to move around in my disabled Down’s son’s wheelchair and to explain how to follow his daily rhythm and cover his basic needs.
I could see that he was feeling neglected, worried about me, and very anxious about getting his needs covered. I was living my worst nightmare, immobile and unable to care for myself or my special needs son.


New ulcers developed
New ulcers developed

Finally, after ten days, both my sons arrived, and I could dismiss the employed person…now we are a family together, and both these sons are putting pressure on me to see a conventional doctor or nurse. Dariush was delighted to have both his brothers here at the same time, and he ceased to feel so neglected and separated and began to go into the healing of his own separation conflict, not wanting to see his mother in this condition and with his existential/abandonment conflict active, but this is a different testimonial story.
I refused to see a nurse as I really wanted to trust the healing phase to go on without the complications of any conventional medical interventions.
Most of my friends and family know that I am strong-headed when it comes to nutrition and “healing.” They respected my choice not to see a doctor. But my family was really worried and became insistent. It was hard to categorically say no to them, especially as I knew that they were genuinely worried about me. My only desire was to stay horizontal, doze off at will, expose the ulcers to the warm Andalucian sun, and allow my beloved dog Rama to lick them, something he was very enthusiastic about doing as often as possible. It felt good at first but would start to hurt a bit as he would lick with gusto very thoroughly! When it got too painful, I would stop him.
We had licking sessions at least three times a day. I tried spraying with CDS for a few days.

At first, my left leg was swollen, but the swelling went down after only a couple of days. Two new ulcers appeared, so I knew I was still conflict-active.
Every second day, I would feel feverish and very weak in the evenings but would feel better in the morning.
Once I had determined (with John Holledauer’s help) the DHS, I could resolve the conflict by resolving to have no more contact with my Son’s partner. I explained to him that this was the cause of the ulcers, my need to separate from her, and not be able to do so. Of course, he understood that there was a conflict, but he thought I was crazy to think this was the cause of the ulcers. Finally, I entered the healing phase, but I had many SBS’ runic consecutively, as I was often feeling very cold (sympaticotonic) and unable to sleep, possibly also due to the chaos of having so many people on my “territory” and the need to explain so many things to them so they could help me.


New ulcers developed
New ulcers developed

I realised that the healing phase would be at least two months because the DHS happened two months ago, I resolved to practice acceptance and to take advantage of my boy’s being here and being so helpful and to just rest and get better as long as it takes. Once they could see that the ulcers were not getting worse, but slowly better, their anxiety gave way to acceptance that it would be a long slow process, this is what it had said about leg ulcers on the internet.
I knew that the healing was in pcl-B, the second phase, when Rama was no longer interested in licking my ulcers!
For a while, even as the ulcers had “dried up” and seemed to be fading, I still had strange sensations in my leg, as though somehow my left leg did not have the same energy flow in it as the right leg, I felt that healing was still going on.

Comment by GHK Academy

Thank you for this detailed testimonial.
This case is interesting from several aspects. I remember when we tried to find the SBS and a possible conflict during one webinar in October. The key to determining and finding the correct DHS is correctly identifying the affected tissue.

The first pictures of the leg were frightening; what tissue could be affected here?
The first question that needs to be clarified is whether the wounds stink. If they stink, fungi and fungal bacteria would be active, i.e., the dermis, which was not the case here.

Therefore, the DHS can only be a separation conflict, the squamous epithelium of the outer skin. But the squamous epithelium alone does not make such a wound, so there must also be a conflict involving the connective tissue, which means a conflict with self-esteem, and via a track in a hanging healing.

Leg ulcers after a two-month healing phase.jpg
Leg ulcers after a two-month healing phase.jpg

If you look closely at the leg, the wound on the foot is on the outside (I want to be separated), but the wounds on the shin are on the inside (I don’t want to be separated). The assumption was that it was about a sexual partner whom this woman wanted to kick out the door on the one hand, but on the other hand, also wanted to keep hold of him but could not. It is, therefore, interesting to compare how she felt about her daughter-in-law compared to her ex-husband 30 years ago.

After this woman had slept one night with this information, she knew her conflict the following day. She could even name the date of the DHS and when the conflict was resolved. So she knew how long the healing phase would take, provided she made sure that the track that held this DHS in hanging healing did not come back into her house, her daughter-in-law. The rest of the healing is just a matter of patience and a leap of faith in her body and Germanische Heilkunde.

It is also worth noting that the woman’s sons would drag her to the hospital against her will if necessary, fearing sepsis.
You should never underestimate the potential danger from well-meaning people around you. If you don’t know about GHK, it’s easy to panic in such a situation, and in a panic, one makes mistakes.
Going to the hospital with these symptoms could have ended badly. Anything from chemotherapy to amputation of the leg would have been possible, depending on which doctor you meet.

To withstand the pressure of the family environment in such a weakened situation means that this woman studied the GHK Basics diligently over the webinars and understood it well. Impressive.

Also, entrusting the care of wounds to the dog and the sun is biologically much wiser than relying on conventional medicine procedures. Every animal knows that you need to lick wounds.

The squamous epithelium will not leave any scars, but the connective tissue (deluxe group) will leave some tissue thickening after healing is complete, but this will hardly be visible.
Everything is done correctly; congratulations.

If anyone ever asks this woman if she really believes that GHK is true, I think I know her answer. After such an experience on her own body, one is beyond belief.

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