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Thrombosis in Leg Veins – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Case example of thrombosis in leg veins, how they develop and how they disappear again.

Hello, I have another testimonial, and it concerns thrombosis in my leg veins. I am female, 43 years old, have female hormone status, and am right-handed.

In October, I spent two weeks on vacation with my family in Elba (Italy). We arrived on Saturday and enjoyed the warm weather and the resort’s pool. The following Monday, I had my first fight with my husband. However, I was able to resolve the dispute somewhat, so the first week did not pass very harmoniously, but it was bearable.

At the end of the first week, on Sunday, my husband and I argued about Chemtrails, and “I was just speechless.” Although my husband agrees with me on this topic, he unexpectedly attacked me and claimed the opposite.

I blocked and refused to talk to my husband any longer (which I had never done to him in the past years)! So we spent the next five days in silence. If anything, we only talked about the bare essentials. After five days, he “chased me away.” I shouted at my husband and realized that I would rather sink back into silence. So we were all overjoyed when we arrived home on Saturday evening after an 8-hour drive in silence.

I remember exactly how I got out of the car and thought: “Finally – free again! I can come and go as I please, and I’m not forced to stay somewhere I don’t want to stay because of my children!”

On Sunday morning, I was happy to get on my horse. When I came back from a wonderful, redemptive ride, I noticed that my left calf was totally “blocked.”
It was thick and swollen, and no more blood could get through. Thrombosis in Leg Veins!

In the past, I had already had pelvic vein thrombosis after a cesarean section and thrombosis in my leg veins after an abortion, both occurring on my left side. It was clear to me that this was no coincidence and that the car journey was not to blame.

Nevertheless, I had to be hospitalized so that I could get blood thinners (I’m not sure whether this was really necessary, and unfortunately, I haven’t found anything about it in Germanische Heilkunde).

At the hospital, they wanted to sell me an ECG and God knows what else. Still, I refused and demanded that I receive blood thinners and then return home, which they grudgingly allowed me to do (a wonder I didn’t have to sign that I was leaving the hospital on my own responsibility).

I calculated how long I would have to take thinners and allowed myself to take Clexane for a maximum of 14 days (the conventional medical route prescribed me blood thinners for 1/2 year, but I definitely didn’t want that). I also took a support stocking for my left leg, but it was only up to my knee. For the first week, I injected myself twice a day, and by the second week, I was only injecting irregularly. After that, I stopped injecting entirely.

It took until the middle of December for the vein to work again independently.
Now it is 80% healed, and I am overjoyed that I have recognized the conflict thanks to Germanische Heilkunde and that it was clear to me what my body had done. Despite the doctor’s panic about a pulmonary embolism, I didn’t let myself be scared, so I stayed true to myself and trusted my body.

Thank you very much for this. I hope this report on Thrombosis in Leg Veins will appear among the testimonials (and that I have “interpreted” it correctly) and that it can help other people see illnesses in Germanische Heilkunde.
Best regards
Saskia Z.

Note from GHK-Academy

The conflict is apparent: the children were the “ball and chain” that forced you to stay near your husband for the rest of the vacation.

Conventional medicine believes that pulmonary embolism is caused by Thrombosis in Leg Veins, and, therefore, they administer these blood thinners, often for the rest of the patient’s life.

Dr. Hamer, on the other hand, explains that the cause of pulmonary embolism is blood clots from the coronary veins that are in the healing phase, i.e., the crisis of a resolved female sexual or male territorial conflict. In this case, Dr. Hamer also administers blood thinners, but only for the period around the crisis.

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