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Testicle Cyst vs Cancer, a Gift of Nature!

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The cause of a testicular cyst or infertility is a loss conflict about a beloved human being or beloved animal.

The additional testosterone nature provides for the man after the end of the healing phase is a real luxury, a gift of nature for a lifetime.

Testicle Cyst vs Cancer – the Additional Testosterone from the Testicular Cyst is a real Luxury for any Man.

In today’s topic, we will be looking at is testicular cancer, testicular cyst, thickened testicle, undescended testicle, and also at the inability to reproduce.

The testicle is a program from the deluxe group, that is, from the orange group. In the orange group, the biological sense is not immediately in the active phase as usual but only at the end of the healing phase. This means I must first resolve the conflict and survive the healing phase to be able to benefit from the Biological Sense. In return, however, the Biological Sense – a functional enhancement – remains for a lifetime. That is why Dr. Hamer calls this group the deluxe group.

In all other special programs, the Biological Sense is in the active phase.

The cause of the Biological Conflict Content in the case of the testis, is a loss of conflict about something living, a human being or an animal.

Loss means loss by death or by departure. The handedness is decisive.

If one experiences a loss concerning a partner, then the partner testicle is involved.

If the experience of loss concerns the mother or child, then the mother/child testicle is involved.

Depending on how one feels about a pet or an animal will determine how the experience of loss is attributed either as a partner or as a child.

In the conflict active phase the testis necrotizes, this causes cell loss and testosterone levels decrease.

If both testes are affected in a double loss conflict for partner AND for mother/child, then fewer sperm are produced, which leads to infertility.

The undescended testis is also conflict-active. If the conflict can be resolved, the necroses in the testis are refilled with swelling, which can be painful. We refer to this as a healing cyst. If the conflict has lasted for a long time then this can lead to a correspondingly large testicular cyst.

Here, of course, the uninformed man immediately panics, and runs to the conventional doctor, who sees cell division, makes the diagnosis “malignant,” and cuts away the patient’s testicle.

The castrating effect of chemo shall only be mentioned here.

The crisis is a medullary crisis, and these crises are inconspicuous. One is cold that’s all it is.

After the crisis, the swelling goes down again, and the testicular cyst indurates, so it solidifies. The testicle remains thicker than it was before and produces more testosterone than before. And this is the biological sense at the end of the healing phase, which remains for life. The thickening of the testicle also remains.

As long as the size of the testicular cyst is not disturbing, everything is fine again, and the patient is healthy. Due to the increased testosterone, the man has an increased libido to compensate for the loss with a new conception.

This man does not need Viagra.

However, the man with an indurated testicular cyst also now has a much more masculine physique and can more easily assert and prevail due to more muscular strength. In a boy with a testicular cyst, this can lead to premature voice change.

A small case example:

One day, a man about 30 years old called me saying he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer and should now have therapy. I referred him to Dr. Hamer, who found the cause.

His conflict of loss was an epileptic seizure of his wife, during which he thought she would die. But since he only had one seizure, after about a year, he calmed down, resolved his conflict, and got his testicular cyst.

Two years later, this patient organized a lecture, and we talked. He did not have a conventional castration and, to this day, has his thickened partner testicle.

He said he had the impression that his physique was also masculinizing.

This case study has two interesting aspects:


if one had asked this patient whether he had lost a loved human being or an animal by death or departure, he would have definitely denied it. And yet he must have suffered and resolved such a conflict because otherwise, he would not have a testicular cyst.

As I said, Germanische Heilkunde is about the biological conflict. This is the cause, and we must find it first!

In the moment of the shock of the epileptic seizure of his beloved wife, he thought he would lose her. That was highly acute-dramatic, isolative, and caught on the wrong foot.


The other interesting circumstance is how he perceives his masculinization through his testicular cyst on his own body.

This patient has gained from the luxury of this Sensible Biological Special Program. While the poor patients in conventional medicine are de-masculinized.

Continue to study the Germanische Heilkunde.

Perhaps you can need this knowledge already tomorrow.


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