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Dr. Hamer Warned Us About Birth Control Pills

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Dr. Hamer Warned Us About Birth Control Pills, for a very good reason.

Here is why.

Dr. Hamer warned us about birth control pills and any form of hormonal contraception.

Conventional medicine does not only provide us with antibiotics, (a drug that kills living things, and belongs to the group of cytostatics), it also blesses us with a pill that prevents us from reproducing in the first place!
The birth control pill prevents life from coming into being in the first place.

I have two sons with my wife, and we believe that the meaning of our existence is in passing on the life that was given to us.

We also think it is a sacred duty to our ancestors and to creation, to pass on life.
I have never met a young girl today in our society who would not take the pill. The upcoming generations of young women are taking the pill as a rule.

Does anyone really care or know what the pill is doing to the psyche of young woman today? The pill changes a woman’s hormonal status.
With the pill the female body stops ovulating, thus hormonally masculinizing young women. Today young women are being masculinized through the use of the pill.

The pill fools a woman’s body into thinking it is pregnant.

And we know that a pregnant woman is hormonally male; therefore, her body does not ovulate while she is pregnant or breastfeeding.

In Germanische Heilkunde everything revolves around the biological conflict shock, around the Dirk Hummer syndrome.
In this moment of shock a lot happens in the organism. And the hormonal situation plays a major and decisive role in this.

The first thing the therapist does before he starts to search for the patient’s conflict is, to find their hormonal status.
Recognizing whether the patient is a man or a woman was relatively easy. But nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult.
Sometimes it is not visually evident whether a person is a man or woman.

But beware: there are hormonally male women, and there are hormonally female men!
Maybe you have observed how much people’s behavior can change when their hormonal situation changes.

Let’s take for example a young married couple!

He is male and walks out in front, in order to protect his wife. She is female and allows her husband to be protective, and walks behind her husband as she has always done.

When the woman reaches age 50 she enters menopause and the estrogen of her ovaries decreases, and she no longer ovulates and becomes hormonally male.

Now, suddenly, there are two hormonally male beings in a single household.
Now they both want to go through the doorway at the same time, and trouble starts.

This disharmony in the partnership lasts 20 to 25 years. At the age of 70 to 75 the man has his change, his testosterone levels, of the testicles start to decrease, and he becomes hormonally female.

Now the post-menopause male wife walks in front, and the post-andropause female husband follows behind. Now, things harmonize again, little by little.
This change of behavior due to hormonal fluctuations can be observed.

You cannot compare the young female woman with the older hormonally male woman,
and you can’t compare the young male man with the older female man.
They have become very different people, simply because of the hormonal changes.
A woman who takes the pill is a hormonally male woman, with male territorial behavior, like a hormonally male man.

In the brain, you can also see this very well in the so-called territorial area.
If the woman is hormonally female, she has female-perceived conflicts.
If the woman is hormonally male, she has, like the man, male perceived conflicts.
Accordingly, the Hummer focus also strikes at completely different places in the brain, and other special programs start on the organ level.

In Germanische Heilkunde, we speak of the left female, and right male territorial areas, where the hormonal situation plays a key role.
Women are hormonally masculinized by the pill, and the pill will reduce their libido, and their, desire to have children. Just like a woman in menopause does not have desire to have children.

So, our current generation of young women, in general, do not want to have children!
Madness! We are dying out!

The woman taking the pill has – as far as her choice of partner is concerned, completely different preferences than the hormonally female woman.

The hormonally male woman chooses a completely different type of man, namely a hormonally female man.

The hormonally female woman chooses a hormonally male man to be the father of her future children.

The hormonally male woman chooses the hormonally female man, who can cook well and keeps the apartment neat and clean.

With a nest full of children, the hormonally female woman has an inner territory.
The hormonally male woman has an outer territory and makes a career in the company.

Today’s society says to the young women.
You could get pregnant, but you don’t want to do that, because firstly, you should finish school, and then go to university and make a career –
You take the pill from now on.

When you reach the age of 30, you can still think about whether you want to have a child at all.

Now, at 30 the woman who has been taking the pill since adolescence is considering having a baby.
Maybe one in the same shade to go with the sports cabriolet.
A purely intellectual consideration.

She stops taking the pill now and becomes hormonally female. Towards her next ovulation, her estrogen increases, and now she is longing for a hormonally male man, but she is in a relationship with a hormonally female man, who is cooking and cleaning for her. Another fact that is also very well known among women taking the pill:

If the woman takes the pill, or stops taking it, she often chooses another partner.

This means that the masculinized pill taking woman, jumps into bed with a hormonally female man with whom she would never jump into bed without the pill!

As a man, I would never allow this chemical manipulation of my emotions to be done to me. I don’t take a pill so that I can jump into bed with a woman, with whom I would not jump into bed without the pill. That’s crazy, isn’t it?

What is the pill for? For the self-fulfillment of the woman!

Now she can always jump into bed with anyone. But the unfortunate thing is that the libido of the pill-taking woman is lowered dramatically!
And because of the pill, she doesn’t want to have sex as much anymore.

For the hormonally male man, the most enjoyable time is when the woman is ovulating, because her libido is at its highest.
But this moment never comes, because of the pill!

In taking the pill, women do not understand that they are being exploited by the business world, as an additional labor force.

Women do not realise that they neglect their sacred task of giving birth to a new life, and raising children, and thus they never reach inner fulfillment and satisfaction with their own life.

In addition, the hormones in the pill are not filtered out or broken down by microorganisms in the soil, and therefore enter the groundwater through urine.

We, men absorb this hormone through drinking water. For us men, these hormones work towards feminizing us, and we become infertile.
Our society consists of hormonally masculinized women, and hormonally feminized men.

Modern couple are childless today. The woman works, and the man rules at home with the vacuum cleaner. In bed, there is no heat of desire, but instead a sibling-led life-partnership.

What used to be understood as a family is rarely found nowadays, and with the family’s disappearance, our people will disappear. You only have to look at the demographic development.

I don’t know of a single case where Dr. Hummer would have prescribed antibiotics. I also don’t know of any case where Dr. Hummer would have advised the pill.

Germanische Heilkunde is not anti-life, but pro-life, just as Mother Nature is pro-life, and not anti-life.

We have to adapt our society to nature again, and not to an artificial, life-denying system. With the pill, our society is running into biological suicide.

Think about it!

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