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Hormones – how they intervene in our lives in Germanische Heilkunde

Hormones – how they intervene in our lives in Germanische Heilkunde

The influence of hormones on our essence

The hormones were possibly once the oldest couriers of the organism in humans and animals. The hormones work in every single cell of our organism. They are built from biochemical all-world building blocks (the sex hormones from sterane or cholesterol). They could be sent with the bloodstream to the success organ. Their function was coordinated later in the big computer brain and still expanded because it proved useful and practical.

In this context, if we consider our closest biological relatives, mammals, it is easy to see the task or purpose of the various hormones:

  • the male hormone, or testosterone, causes the male individual’s ability and desire to reproduce,
  • the female hormone, oestrus hormone, or estrogen causes oestrus, heat, or in humans:
  • Love readiness and ovulation of the woman, the pregnancy hormone causes maintenance and control of pregnancy.

And although we already know so many details about the various hormones, which I cannot list all here due to lack of space, the mystery of their influence on our conflicts and the connection with our computer brain is only now beginning to unravel a little.

There are, for example:

  • male = directed outward
  • female = directed inward.

They, too, of course, have something or very much to do with hormones; because if the hormone levels, or the “summa summarum” of hormones, change, then the biological identity can “tip” and change, e.g.

  • during menopause,
  • when taking hormones (this also applies when taking the birth control pill),
  • in case of pregnancy,
  • in case of indurating ovarian or testicular cysts,
  • chemo “therapy,”
  • after castration
  • or a biological conflict – which immediately biologically quasi “closes” the affected side of the brain.

In a sense understood in this way, the right-handed man and the left-handed woman react to “territorial conflicts” with a Hamer Focus in the right periinsular cerebral area, whereas the left-handed man and the right-handed woman react to corresponding biological territorial conflicts in the left periinsular cortical area (handedness).

A right-handed woman who has suffered a sexual conflict DHS no longer ovulates for the duration of the conflict, i.e., she is inhibited in terms of estrogen production. Ovulation does not occur again until the resolution of the sexual conflict has occurred, i.e., the woman is mated again.

So if the hormone situation changes in a right-handed woman, either due to a sexual conflict in the female territorial area on the left or – as listed above – then from then on, she reacts on the right side of the brain, ovulation fails to occur.

In the case of a sexual conflict, e.g., with uterine cervical ulcers and coronary vein ulcers, the feeling also changes with the absence of menstruation and the change of the brain side, i.e., the woman now feels “masculine.” She either becomes a masculine lesbian or prefers a feminine man for whom “she” is the “man,” i.e., she desires sex with feminine men (“softies”), if at all.

Such a woman is considered “frigid,” which she really is in case of a biological sexual conflict. Suppose this woman suffers yet another territorial conflict with sexual content, this time on the right side of the brain. In that case, she is not only in a schizophrenic constellation of both territorial areas but, beyond that, also in a manic-depressive, postmortem constellation. And as far as the left side of the brain is emphasized, in a nymphomaniac constellation, i.e., she is now after “platonic male pick-up.” However, she doesn’t want anything sexual from the men.

Because the schizophrenic constellation now restores the brain’s balance, the patient gets her menstruation back and can also become pregnant. If the right brain side is conflictively more emphasized (scales!), the patient is somewhat or strongly depressed. But as soon as the left manic side is even more emphasized, she is literally drawn into the postmortem constellation and can finally kill herself.

After the 1st sexual conflict in the territorial area on the right side of the brain, the left-handed woman has an entirely different hormone profile than the right-handed woman after the 1st conflict (on the left side of the brain). This is because she continues to ovulate, i.e., to have her cycle. Nothing stands in the way of an immediate pregnancy – despite a possible sexual conflict in the right territorial area. She is doubly female, but still depressed and psychically sexually “blocked.”

Even if she suffers a 2nd conflict, this time on the left side of the brain and in the (female) territorial area, she still does not lose her ovulation if she is not already in menopause. However, menstruation remains only if the right side of the brain is conflictively emphasized. That is, she is depressed. By the way, the left-handed woman suffers sexual conflict twice in a row: first on the right side of the brain, then on the left again.

With these two biological conflicts and in this order, the left-handed woman is also in the so-called nymphomaniac constellation. On the one hand, she is continuous “after men.” On the other hand, she is frigid; i.e., she is not capable of love and commitment. Some women even sleep with men, but without passion and usually only when it cannot be avoided. In contrast, they are usually very “pleasant” to those around them, as long as they are not or will not be forced to marry.

If the left-cerebral manic component predominates, these women are usually pleased. However, no one can quite see what makes them so happy. If the right-cerebral depressive component predominates, then the affected persons are “cross-unhappy.” They are often even more unhappy and depressed than left-handed women with only a right-cerebral conflict.

Fortunately, left-handed women are not so common to “slip” into the postmortem constellation. However, if they are drawn deeper into the suicidal constellation by an accentuation of the left-cerebral manic components, they also kill themselves.

It is important to note: During the 2nd conflict, which conflict “predominates” (scales) is weighed. However, for the schizophrenic constellation (cerebral cortex), hardly any conflict load builds up.

The right-handed man who suffers a territorial conflict after the brain’s right side is closed by the territorial conflict usually feels only on the left female cerebral hemisphere. If the conflict activity continues, he becomes soft, (platonic) homosexual (second wolf phenomenon). But suppose he can’t solve this territorial conflict, which he suffers on the right side of the brain, for a longer time (max. in 6-9 months). In that case, biologically, he mustn’t solve it anymore because otherwise, he would die of the left heart infarction. With the 2nd territorial conflict, this time on the female left hemisphere, this man is also in a schizophrenic constellation – and a Casanova.

Casanovas cannot build a deeper psychological relationship with either women or men, which they do not want to do. That is why they have no friends anywhere and are often considered typical egoists. However, this man is now also in a manic-depressive and post-mortem constellation at the same time. He will commit suicide if the manic component is strongly accentuated.

The schizophrenic constellation has in biology a tremendous meaning and a biological sense – immediately in several directions. If the male or female animal or a boy or girl comes early into the schizophrenic constellation, the maturity development stops immediately. I.e., they stop maturely at the age point where he/she caught the 2nd conflict in the territorial area.

The animals, e.g., notice this with their equals always immediately. The “stupid” humans can be deceived there mostly and/or impressed by “intelligent chatter” and do not notice that the adult, quite intelligent human, who faces them, is mature, e.g., only ten years old.

In the wolf pack, for example, such a comrade is not taken for full. He has the “puppy protection”; rank, however – in contrast to the species Homo sapiens – at the lowest rank of the pack, but – has his survival and in the wolf pack the task to play with the puppies. The biological sense is that the individual runs “out of competition.” Of course, many particular constellations have their unique biological sense, e.g., the floating constellation, which trivializes conflict problems, according to the motto: don’t think about it and don’t care about it.

The remarkable thing is that not even the psychoses are “senseless,” as every medical student had to learn earlier, but all have their unique biological sense.

Noteworthy is also in the Germanische Heilkunde® these two principles: 1. At the moment of the impact of the second, thus the constellation causing conflict is weighed!

From then on, the patient can

  • be consistently manic if the accent is consistently on the left (cortical) hemisphere, or
  • be consistently depressed if the accent is consistently on the right (cortical) hemisphere, or
  • be alternately manic or depressive if the accentuation frequently changes, i.e., if it is on the right track that emphasizes its conflict (right = depressive or left = manic).

This is also a therapeutic approach because you can get the depressive out of depression by artificially emphasizing the manic side. Manically, most people feel happy.

Where does the third conflict impact?

In the right-handed person, where it “is,” that is

  • when he is just manic = left
  • if he is depressed at the moment = right (is the same for men and women)

The conflict strikes “with knight hop,” i.e., on the opposite side to “where he is at the moment” with the left-hander. Therefore

  • when he is just manic, on the depressed right side and vice versa,
  • when he is depressed at the moment, on the manic left side.

In bisexuals, the accentuation of the relays (manic-depressive) constantly fluctuates. When they are manic, they are more masculine, and when depressed, they are more feminine.

The left-handed man suffers the 1st precinct conflict, left-cerebral. Even if this is the “female territory side,” the left-handed man’s conflict is, without any doubt, a male territory conflict. From then on, the left hemisphere is “closed.” If the conflict lasts longer, he develops what seems to be a contradiction into a “psychologically castrated macho gay.” His behavior is super masculine (macho), but he is a coward in reality. Just psychically castrated and unfit as a territorial chief, mostly homosexual. But in this state, he is still capable of mating and also ready. Therefore, e.g., in the animal kingdom, a wolf is naturally mercilessly put by the wolf pack leader and put down at every opportunity. Until he suffers a 2nd territorial conflict, this time on the right side of the brain, whereby he comes into the schizophrenic constellation. He still remains erectile, but his libido is virtually zero. As such, the wolf is now accepted by the pack leader.

In our mammalian relatives, homosexuality is a very normal thing to a certain extent. Only one can be the pack leader. Only one can be the chief of the territory. The younger males, which are not allowed to mate yet (only the chief is allowed to do that!), and the older individuals, which are not allowed to mate anymore, form facultative the luxury of nature in the case of a catastrophe, that the chief and his successors perish. They form the “reserve bank.” However, only those in the schizophrenic constellation question the chief post among the second wolves.

Transferred to the human being, such a left-hander is psychically or clinically already manic with the 1st territory conflict! As long as the conflict lasts only briefly, the mania works quasi-like a double sympathicotonia and serves as “fuel” to reconquer the territory. But if the conflict lasts longer, it must not be resolved because otherwise, the patient will die of right heart infarction with pulmonary embolism. Consequently, his desire to win back his territory or another one also fades. He no longer has any real interest in women, although his demeanor remains super-masculine.

Suppose such a left-handed person now suffers a second territorial conflict, e.g., as long as he could still fight for his territory. In that case, he can suffer this only right-cerebrally, where the right-handed person suffers his first territorial conflict. With this, the left-handed person immediately gets into the “Casanova-manic constellation.” His environment perceives him as “more pleasant” because he shows incomprehensible macho behavior much less. On the other hand, he now becomes a Casanova who is continuously “hitting on” women. However, he cannot communicate with them genuinely and sincerely, i.e., he is psychologically impotent because he is more or less passage homosexual. This man also does not build up any conflict load. Thus, the Casanovas remain the reservists for the emergency.

Even a left-handed man can (which happens less) get into a post-mortem constellation, into which the right-handed man typically gets much more often. Once he is in this constellation, the danger of suicide is much more significant because he tends to mania.

In nature, everything has its purpose, including homosexuality. Differently from humans, homosexuality becomes mostly a biological dead end; with the animals, such a “reserve individual” is often called by the vacancy of the precinct to the precinct chief. And lo there it changes from hour to hour, becomes heterosexual and a splendid specimen of precinct chief!

This constellation is not about a mishap of nature. Still, it has its biological sense because such left-pawed wolves in the schizophrenic constellation are in the case of the pack chief’s death and the case that the alpha wolf cannot take over the temporary leadership of the pack or the territory for any reason. The only ones who could take over the pack chief’s succession provided that they can solve both conflicts because all other second wolves with one-sided territory conflict may not want to solve their conflict instinctively. After all, otherwise, they would die of left or right heart infarction.

The territory that needs to be defended by us humans makes a male a male. With today’s ubiquitous single softies, we always consider whether they are softies because they have no territory or have no territory because they are softies. Again, as the computer of our organism, the brain is the command center that decides what function the individual gets.

But also the boys or adolescents, as we say, between 10 and 15 years, are quite homophilic: They go “through thick and thin,” swear blood brotherhood to each other, are quite “thick friends!” and virtually inseparable. But this is only a temporary, normal, and necessary phase because this homoerotic phase protects the boys. It gives them the possibility to have a free space until 15 or 16 and not to be considered as competitors and rivals by the men.

Among women, too, before and during early puberty, we see the young girls affectionate toward each other, the so-called bosom friend. They joke and giggle all day long – and that is quite normal.

We see later in lesbian or homosexual relationships are consistently caused by biological conflicts. In this case, the conflict may have struck very early, making it seem as if he/she has always been “differently inclined.”


Typically, young girls get their first menstruation when they are about 11 years old. This was also the case with this girl. Still, at the age of 12, something happened that should not have happened: One day, when the mother was not at home, and the girl was already lying naked in her bed under the covers to sleep, the father came into the room, sits down on the back of her bed and says that now he has to teach her “all that.” With these words, he pulls the covers off her bed so that she lies naked in front of him. The girl lies rigid with shock, unable to utter a word or move. She knew immediately what “that” meant, namely that her father wanted to abuse her. Irritated by the rigidity, the father withdrew without making a move. But it was not “nothing happened” – it was “everything happened,” namely in the soul of the girl! The patient suffered in these second 5 conflicts at once, which I cannot go into detail here, however:

  • a sexual conflict, she immediately lost her menstrual period and has not gotten it back until today – almost 20 years later, which must not be because otherwise, she could die of a pulmonary embolism,
  • a thalamus conflict (personality collapse),
  • a fear-disgust conflict of what the father was going to do with her,
  • a conflict of loss concerning her father, whom she had adored, and
  • A fear-in-the-neck conflict from the father that he might make his plan come true after all.

At the age of 16, she was forcibly taken out of school and put into an apprenticeship and suffered:

  • a territorial conflict, since she now reacted “male” because the left side of the brain was still closed by the active sexual conflict – and remained so until today,
  • from then on, she had depression – also until today. Since then, she has been manic-depressive in schizophrenic postmortem constellation, i.e., she has to think very frequently about things after death,
  • a conflict of resistance, because they had been forced to do something – namely, to leave school – which had happened against her will, after all,
  • a refugee conflict because she felt like a refugee outside the school where she had been comfortable.

But this is only one example of many that show us what effects the psyche has on the cerebral and organic processes. The feminine or masculine reaction can also be reversed by so-called sex hormone blockers (this may already apply when taking the contraceptive pill). For example, a woman who previously reacted in a very feminine way and, therefore could suffer a female-sexual conflict with cervical carcinoma suddenly reacts in a masculine way after the hormone blockade. The cervical carcinoma, which now stands still, becomes a coronary ulcer carcinoma.

Suppose hormone blockers are administered to a left-handed young woman who has a sexual conflict and, as a left-handed woman, depression and the physical signs of a male territorial conflict. In that case, a cervical carcinoma suddenly develops. Also, the same thing can happen in patients irradiated or “treated” with cytostatic or pseudo-treated.

Operations are also interventions in the whole organism, e.g., castration! It is not only the loss of one or two small organs, like the ovaries, but it results immediately in transposition to the opposite side.

This means: a right-handed patient who has had her ovaries “ovariectomized” reacts periinsularly with the right “territorial area” instead of previously with the left female side of the brain after castration. Thereby, however, the same “event” now gets conflictively an utterly different valence and quality than it could have gotten before. The consequence is that an entirely different cancer (e.g., bronchial ulcer-Ca) develops than it usually could have developed in this woman (namely laryngeal ulcer-Ca) before she was castrated. From the psychological and cerebral situation seen so infinitely dangerous that one can only despair about the ignorance and unconcern of the medical sorcerer’s apprentices, speak “school medizyniker”!

Only when Germanische Heilkunde has become one of the basic rules of entire medicine and biology will it be a blessing for humankind.

Copyright Dr. Hamer
Translated: John Holledauer

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