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Vaccines – Why You Should Never Take Them Again! – German New Medicine Explanation

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Wanting to protect oneself against conflict shocks with Vaccines is nonsensical.

Wanting to solve your conflicts with Vaccines is nonsensical as well.

Vaccines cannot even protect me from the symptoms of the healing phase.
So, what is a vaccination supposed to protect you from?

With vaccines, one would like to stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies against the supposed pathogens.

So, vaccines are supposed to form soldiers; in the case of a large-scale attack of the alleged pathogens, there is already an army in the body to fight back.

The pathogens include fungi, bacteria, and viruses. And the microbes are now supposed to cause infectious diseases.

Interestingly, the fungus and the bacterium are independent living things and have metabolism. The so-called “virus” is not a living thing. It is not alive and has no metabolism.

Fungi and bacteria multiply through cell division, while the virus proliferates as the host cell proliferates.

So the virus should hook into the DNA and copy by cell division. That’s how they imagine that.

The virus is in the hundredth of one “µ”-range. A bacterium is one µ, and a virus is one-hundredth of a µ.

The inventor of the virus is Pasteur. Pasteur examined ill people about 150 years ago and found three groups.

In the first group, he found fungus at work. In the second group, he found bacteria working. And he stated that the microbe makes you sick, and in the 3rd group, he found no microbes at all. But these people were obviously ill as well — for example, hepatitis. But there, he found no microbe. Then his thought was that maybe these microbes were so tiny that he couldn’t see them with the light microscope.

But if this microbe causes such symptoms as hepatitis, it must be terribly toxic, and so he called this unseen thing virus, which in Latin means poison.

The 4th Biological Law of Nature, discovered by Dr.Hamer, is The ontogenetic system of microbes.

Ontogenesis is the history of development. And he said the microbes work dependent on the Germ Layer.

So for the glandular tissue, fungi and fungal bacteria are responsible. For the glandular-like tissue, the fungal bacteria or mycobacteria.

For the “connective tissue,” the bacteria are responsible, and for the Squamous epithelium, Dr. Hamer too, thought earlier, that the viruses would be responsible. So jaundice in the “bile ducts “or the cold. One says it is a virus. Or also the “uterine cervix carcinoma,” thus because of the PAP-test. Because they also believe that a virus would cause it. But the virus probably doesn’t exist.

Interestingly, for example, they don’t detect the virus in AIDS, but the antibody. So indirectly, in conventional medicine, they point to the virus.

Dr. Hamer explains that the microbe would never switch to another tissue.

So a fungus would never attack connective tissue, a squamous epithelium. Or a bacterium would never attack a glandular tissue or a squamous epithelium. For example, this is very exact seen in “pulmonary tuberculosis.”

“Pulmonary tuberculosis “is the healing phase of the “lung tumor “(yellow group), so there are the fungi and fungal bacteria responsible.

And such “pulmonary tuberculosis sick” when coughing, he also has blood in the sputum, the handkerchief often bloody, and there are, of course, the microbes. But there is no record of tuberculosis. The microbes have to be coughed over the bronchi and the oral mucosa. But they don’t attack the squamous.

And most importantly, all microbes invariably work only in the vagotonic healing phase.

So at our command. At the command of our brains and the command is called “conflict resolution.”

And in the healing phase, you typically have a fever. You typically have pain, and you typically have brain symptoms and edema in the brain. So typically, one is sick in the healing phase.

This means that Pasteur saw patients from the yellow group with the fungus.

He saw patients from the orange group with the bacteria, and among the viruses, he had patients from the red group in a healing phase in front of him, and he said: “The microbe would have caused that!”

From the GHK perspective, this is sheer nonsense. In reality, the body needs microbes to restore the initial situation.

We have cell proliferation in the active phase of glandular and glandular-like tissue. The “lung tumor” is getting bigger. Breast cancer is getting bigger.

And if I solve the conflict, then the tumor is tuberculously broken down, and at the end of the healing phase, the tumor has disappeared.

This is called spontaneous healing. And who has made this tumor disappear? These were the microbes. In the orange group, I need the bacteria.

And the squamous epithelium repairs itself obviously without microbes, but also under the swelling. The viruses probably don’t exist.

And at the end of the healing phase, the swelling subsides, and you are well again.

That means the brain gives the order to the microbes: Please, work now!

That means the body wants the microbe. It’s not that the microbe attacks us. No, the opposite is the case. The body calls the microbes as workers as garbage men who should repair everything now. And when they have finished their work, they retire.

Pasteur triggered a worldwide microbial phobia, which continues until today. On his deathbed, however, he had a guilty conscience and said, “The microbe is nothing, the milieu is everything!”

And the milieu has been changed by the patient himself through conflict resolution. Shortly before the conflict was active, he had cold hands. Immediately after the conflict resolution, he had boiling hot hands.

It was the patient himself; it was his brain has called for the microbes.

Interestingly, there is no sterile room in nature, wherever you look. If you make a smear of the tabletop, you have microbes.

From your cheek, you have microbes. From the oral mucosa, you have microbes. Microbes are found in the depths of the Oceans. On the highest peak, in the air, everywhere you can find microbes. Microbes are UBIQUITARY, always available everywhere. In our bodies, we have trillions of microbes, about 4 to 5 pounds of microbes, but we are not sick.

When we are healthy, conventional medicine calls the microbes A-PATHOGEN themselves.

In the conflict-active phase, some multiply, but they don’t work; they have no metabolism; they are called A-PATHOGEN

In the healing phase, conventional medicine is now calling the microbes PATHOGEN, because conventional medicine has taken over the world view of Pasteur and thinks that they have caused this healing phase.

But because we now have microbes without being ill, conventional medicine has a problem with Pasteur. Therefore in 1938 they introduced the so-called immune system as an Additional hypothesis, so that their house of cards doesn’t collapse.

Summarized again.

From the Germanic point of view, every so-called inflammation or infection is a healing phase symptom. Of course, in Synchronicity with it, on the brain level, the corresponding edema must be present. And synchronously in the psyche, a specific conflict must be resolved.

Otherwise, there is no infection. Otherwise, there is no inflammation,

Furthermore, what Hamer explains is reproducible.

The 4th Biological Law of Nature.

Dr.Hamer has declared this to be a Law of Nature, and Laws of Nature must always and everywhere be reproducible.

So, now you can decide for yourself what someone who understands Germanische Heilkunde thinks of vaccination. Namely, nothing at all!

How should a vaccine protect me from conflict? Or how should a vaccination solve my conflicts?

This is nonsense from the Germanische Heilkunde’s perspective. And what can happen during the vaccination process itself, namely new conflicts, I will explain in the following video.

Have fun studying Germanische Heilkunde,

Goodbye, until the following video.

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