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Diagnosis Shock – the Gun, Doctors Pointing on Your Head!

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What happens to someone who receives a cancer diagnosis from a doctor they trust?

This diagnosis strikes the vast majority of people as if by lightning. The ground is pulled out from under their feet, and they are emotionally torn to pieces.

Thanks to Dr. Hamer, we know that in the diagnosis shock, “cancer” lies the cause of further follow-up conflicts.

A few weeks later, new cancer resulting from these follow-up conflicts is again sold to the patient as metastases, which in turn seems to confirm the initial cancer diagnosis.

A lucrative but most inhuman approach of the medical establishment.

Today’s topic: The Diagnosis Shock

What happens to a human being when he gets a cancer diagnosis from the almighty doctor?

This is called highly acute-dramatic, perceived isolative, and caught on the wrong foot.  According to the definition in the Germanische Heilkunde, this is a biological conflict. This poor individual is now experiencing something happening simultaneously in his psyche, brain and at the organ level.

I say simultaneously because one cannot exist solely in the brain, or in the psyche or at the organ level, we must always recognize the individual as a whole.

The irrefutable evidence of this moment of shock is the Hamer focus in the brain, which arises immediately and remains disc-shaped until we can resolve the conflict. And this Hamer focus can be photographed with any conventional computer tomograph.

For the future, one should consider whether it would be advisable to have a brain CT done before and after every visit to the doctor for insurance reasons and to collect evidence!

On hearing the cancer diagnosis the poor patient falls to pieces, and the floor is pulled out from under his feet!

And these almighty doctors know this, because they witness it every day. Some of these almighty doctors really enjoy this moment.


Where is the actual problem now?

Why doesn’t this patient laugh at the cancer diagnosis?

Because he believes the diagnosis of this voodoo doctor, because he does not know the Germanische Heilkunde!

For the course of this video, lets pretend that the patient doesn’t panic at the diagnosis, because he know Germanische Heilkunde, but instead the patient laughs at this deception.

The fact is conventional medicine does not know the cause of anything!

The question arises, how can they then exclude so strictly the idea that the psyche would have an influence on cancer disease? They cannot rule it out at all!  But they do!

Our clueless patient accepts this cancer diagnosis as a judgment: Hanging!

And this diagnosis coming from an incompetent! Who does not care about the soul of his victims. Who ignores the inseparable unity of soul and body, who denies the importance of the unity of an individual and shamelessly denies it.

Why should our fictitious patient entrust himself to such a voodoo doctor, once he has recognized him as such?

Emergency medicine is something entirely different! There everyone knows what is to be done. We would urgently need the emergency medicine in the Germanische Heilkunde!

Germanische Heilkunde is about the diseases which arise by themselves and chronic diseases such as cancer, allergies, and psychoses.

Conventional medicine knows nothing in this area and can do nothing about it and this has been the case for over 100 years.

Here, conventional medicine has to clear the field.

Our fictitious patient knows nothing about this. He probably went to see the almighty doctor to ask about the blood he saw in his stool.

And suddenly, he gets a cancer diagnosis from the conventional doctor which is equivalent to a death sentence!

Our poor, hapless patient went because of blood in the stool. If he had known Germanische Heilkunde, he would have recognized this symptom immediately as the healing phase of an anger conflict.

He would have immediately thought of the appropriate conflict, including the successful conflict resolution. Thus he would also have been able to estimate his conflict load and would have recognized by himself that this symptom would be gone again in a few days.

Or he would have recognized that there is an enormous conflict load behind this, and then our fictitious patient would have questioned quite differently the almighty conventional doctor.

Our patient would have known that there can be nothing evil in his body, since there is no such evil in nature. He would have understood his symptoms.

The patient-doctor relationship would change immediately. And we would have real doctors again.

Let’s briefly play through this scene again, but this time both of them know Germanische Heilkunde.

So, our fictitious patient is not an ignorant victim, but someone who knows Germanische Heilkunde and needs a skilled artisan. The craftsman, the doctor, knows Germanische Heilkunde, and together they decide whether to intervene surgically immediately or perhaps later, if bowel obstruction should be imminent.

For example our current fictitious patient is an electrician and does not deal with the healing arts in such detail. But still, from his school lessons, he knows how to interpret his organ symptoms correctly.

Germanische Heilkunde will prevail, for sure!

And with this, a new way of thinking will also come along. A way of thinking that unites all people. Because we all are the same creation of Mother Nature and for all of us, the 5 biological laws of nature apply equally, discovered by Dr. Hamer.

Goodbye! Until the following video.

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