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What are Causes of Acne and Pimples? – German New Medicine Explanation

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Acne is hanging healing of a defilement conflict, thus a program of the dermis.

After watching this video, you will know how to eliminate acne. Even pubescents can permanently get rid of acne.

Today’s Topic: What are Causes of Acne & Pimples?

The dermis is controlled by the cerebellum, which is part of the old brain. The conflict content with the dermis is the attack, defilement, disfigurement, but also violation of my integrity.

The dermis causes symptoms like melanoma, athlete’s foot, body odor, skin tuberculosis, and acne.

We must learn to understand medicine from our history of development. The dermis originates from the time when our ancestors left the primordial sea and conquered the land.

The dermis has the task of protection, for example, protecting from sharp stones.

Suppose one suffers a corresponding conflict by attack or defilement, etc. In that case, our body starts a sensible biological special program to iron out this injury of my integrity again.

The dermis makes cell proliferation to build the wall thicker to the outside, better to protect me against further such attacks in the future.

So, we have cell proliferation in the conflict-active phase, as in all SBS controlled by the Old Brain. And herein is the biological sense. So, Mother Nature helps us here immediately after the conflictive event.


If this attack conflict or defilement conflict is not solved, this cell proliferation becomes bigger and bigger, and one is then quickly diagnosed by the dermatologist with “malignant skin cancer, melanoma”!

If I can resolve this conflict, the cell division stops. And this Cell plus, which is now no longer needed, is decomposed by the associated microbes, the mycobacteria, in a tuberculous, ulcerative, necrotizing, decaying manner.

You can think of it as an apple rotting and decaying. Every tuberculous healing phase also stinks. So this tuberculous pus of the dermis is a healing phase symptom. At the end of the healing phase, the dermis is scarred. It may be that this scarring – like any scarring – remains visible for life.

But it does not matter. One has a crooked nose on the face; the other has a scar.

Now you can already guess what acne is. It is the hanging healing of a defilement conflict. Recurrences of the contamination conflict occur via tracks, and the dermis makes Cell plus again. Then you get off the track again, and the acne lump is cleared tuberculously again. In-out, in-out.

But what are Causes of Acne in pubescents?

It has to do with the awakening of their sexuality. The pubescent becomes interested in the opposite sex and starts spending hours in front of the mirror: “Am I pretty enough?”

Now, all it takes is a small pimple, and the sheer horror grips the pubescent: “A pimple!”

This makes him feel disfigured on his face, and the second pimple appears.

The pubescent: “No, a second pimple!”

He now gets into a so-called vicious circle. If he enters the healing phase with an acne knot, he suffers a recurrence with a new acne knot.

The longer he spends in front of the mirror, the worse it gets.

What would be the therapy here?

The therapy would be to let acne be acne. Avoid the track, that is, ban the mirror. He should also not fiddle around in his face, lost in thought. The best thing to do is to grab the pubescent, take him to an alpine pasture where there are no mirrors and no people, and explain to him how things work. After a week at the latest, he will see for himself how his acne will have cleared up.

But a violation of integrity is also when impudence is thrown in the face. So if the father regularly calls his daughter a slut, this too can cause chronic acne.

I hope I was able to shed some light on acne for you.

Continue to study Germanische Heilkunde patiently. It can be inspiring.

Until the following video.


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