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What is the Cause of Gray Hair? – German New Medicine Explanation

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The hair belongs to the outer skin, and the conflict is always a separation conflict. But if this conflict has the additional aspect of “ugly” and this conflict remains active, then the hair loses its color, possibly even overnight.

But if you can resolve the conflict, the hair regains its natural color. After watching this video, you will have fully understood.

Today’s topic: What is the Cause of Gray Hair?

I know, now, I will disappoint many people concerned with this: But I’m now going to tell you the truth: Gray hair, or even white hair, is not related to wisdom. Unfortunately!

Instead, it has to do with bad experiences in the past life, which were associated as an ugly separation on the head.

So it was one or more separation conflicts of beloved people, or even beloved animals, where something ugly was felt in addition.

And this separation conflict was therefore associated on the head because one stroked this being repeatedly at the head, or was stroked by it.

If one had associated the conflict with the body and not on the head, this would have caused the white spot disease, that is, vitiligo.

In the conflict-active phase, the hairs become white and remain so until this ugly separation conflict is resolved. In the healing phase, the hair gradually regains its original color.

The crisis, as always in squamous epithelium, is the absence, which is rarely noticed.

I know it sounds unbelievable that gray hair can regain its original color, but after this case study, you will understand how and why such a thing works.

Case study: Gray hair strand

I have known a man for many years, who is now about 45 years old. He has curly and long dark hair, looking like an Indian. And right in the middle of his dark hair, he had a white strand at the highest point of his head, about the width of a finger. It almost looked like he made it artificially. So he must have associated an ugly separation conflict at that point.

After I will have told you his associated conflict, you will have understood what causes gray or white hair, and how it works.

As a young man, he traveled abroad a lot. During one of his home visits, someone said to him, “That baby on the floor there is your daughter. He didn’t know that his girlfriend at the time was pregnant and had given birth to a child.

However, the mother of the child did not want to even know about him, and a conflict arose about the custody of this baby. In total, there were about 20 guardianship hearings in court. That was the ugly thing about this separation from his baby.

When he was holding his little daughter, he stroked her with a finger, softly circling her fontanelle.

So precisely at the place where he stroked his daughter, he associated this ugly separation conflict on his head – to the inch on the spot, and in the middle of his dark fuzzy head.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? Today, his white hair streak is gone!

Of course, there must be a reason for that, too, so he must have resolved this ugly separation conflict. He did!

Today he is married to his daughter’s mother, and in addition to his daughter, who is now 20 years old, they have a 5-year-old boy. Now they have two children together.

The dispute about the custody is now irrelevant, and his hair returned to its original color.

I knew him with his white streak, and we are still good friends today. He knew Germanische Heilkunde for a long time himself, and he told me his conflict.

If you ask someone like him, who has experienced it, or like me, who has witnessed it, if you ask someone like that whether he believes in Germanische Heilkunde, then someone like that would ask the counter-question: Do you still believe, or do you already know?

Through experiences, the belief becomes knowledge, and with the knowledge, we have the power, a conflict-healing power! A holy power!

That shocking and ugly perceived separations can lead to gray or even white hair overnight; one knows, for example, from mothers, who received the death notice of their child, or from soldiers in trenches who had to experience the horror and had gray hair overnight.

The hair that slowly turns gray is the many minor ugly separations, that is, wounds to the soul that one had to take in the course of his life.

Have fun with your continued studies. Always study Hamer only in the original.

Goodbye, until the next video

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