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Gender Mainstreaming – The Secret Agenda Behind It!

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What exactly is gender mainstreaming, who came up with this ideology, and why is it being forced on our children?

Today, in 2022, the general population knows that parents who do not want their children to take part in gender ideology lessons will go to jail.

Today’s topic: Gender Mainstreaming.

About 20 years ago, I started to address the term “gender” at my seminars. I was amazed at how unaware my seminar participants were about it.

Today, in the year 2022, the general population knows that parents who do not want their children to take part in gender ideology lessons will go to jail.

Worldwide, gender ideology is now installed as a firm component in all ministries of education, and worldwide the population is clueless about what all this is about?

Sometimes I wonder who is the crazy one here?

Gender ideology is supposed to destroy our identity!

Should we no longer know what we are? Are we now male or female? Or neither of them?

Today, many parents allow their newborns to decide which gender they want to be. These are mainly prominent married couples looking presumably for PR.

I ask myself, how could such an agreement be reached across the populations of so many countries. And then these agreements actually led to changes in the legislation worldwide? How could it happen, that all countries agree?

There was no referendum about this because most people did not know about this topic at all.

There are now not only two but three officially recognized genders worldwide, and this all happened within 20 years!

I don’t even want to delve into this nonsense. I find it unbelievable. Fiction is declared to be the law!

I once read somewhere the following sentence: “The human being searches for a God and destroys thereby what he searches”.

Thus, we deny the laws of nature; with gender, we deny creation!

In my opinion, the diabolical plan concerning gender ideology is to alienate humans from their inner selves. And this is so clear in the meaning of the following motto:

– What nature does is outdated. I decide for myself what I want to be. I am an individual!

Today, you can meet a man who pretends to be a woman by disguising himself accordingly. Misunderstandings are pre-programmed in this situation, and you can easily find yourself in court because of discrimination accusations.

I ask myself, “who of the three involved in the courtroom is actually the madman?

How did this situation come about in the first place?”

I don’t know any male of any species who would disguise himself as a female. Or do you know such a case?

In any case, gender was artificially created and purposefully imposed; it was not something that came from the people, in any country!

People have never had doubts about which gender they belong to before in known human history.

The fathers of gender feuds carried out their perverted experiments on infants in the 50s. Anyone can research this on the Internet.

And just like 20 years ago, I’m trying to explain today what confronting children with the subject of sex means in their psyche. It is a biological conflict.

The problem for our children is that they are not yet mature enough for this. That is the conflict! And this conflict can remain for a lifetime.

Fortunately, more and more countries are banning and forbidding these gender ideologies, and that is a good thing!

So gender mainstreaming gives our children a sexual conflict. This sexual conflict is a so-called territorial conflict, and with the territorial conflict, many serious things happen, like most psychoses.

So let’s first try understanding what a sexual conflict might be for our children. When the adult woman catches her 80-year-old parents making love, she discreetly retreats and closes the door.

On the other hand, the little girl listens outside the door with wide eyes and an open mouth.

If the adult woman flips through a porn magazine, she may think, “WOW!”

On the other hand, the child seeing all this for the first time has a conflict.

When children play doctor games with each other, it is harmless. But if the adult comes along and scolds them, the children will suffer a conflict. And of course, it is also conflictual for the children when confronted with sex by the teacher in the school class.

Incredibly, when you think about it, it happens worldwide, like on an assembly line. So, now the child has this conflict in the territorial area. What happens now?

The right-handed girl becomes conflictual masculinized, and now she gets straight shoulders. She will not get her period at the age of 11, but only with her 2nd conflict in the territorial area, so at the age of 12, 13, 14, or even later.

The girl thus became a boy. She thinks like a boy, climbs trees, and may want to be a car mechanic.

This is precisely what the gender ideologist wants!

And she will never be able to experience a vaginal orgasm in her life.

The right-handed boy is conflictual feminized and gets round, sloping shoulders. The boy becomes a girl and dresses in girl’s clothes. Precisely in the sense of gender!

The opposite happens with the left-handed boy!

The boy becomes conflicted manic, and the girl becomes conflicted depressed.

The parents can no longer control the manic left-handed boy, and the left-handed girl cannot be seen or heard; she does not leave her room.

From the first conflict, all four children are changed in their nature, and I have not even begun to talk about the changes in the organs.

I hope I have been able to explain clearly what happens as a result of a sexual conflict.

Now back to gender.

We parents protect our children from the topic of sex and close our bedroom doors. That’s what all parents do.

But now, with gender, we can’t protect our children. This is madness!

With the 2nd conflict in the territorial area, which will usually be the 1st big love, comes with all four psychoses!

For 2 to 3 months, they go crazy but then calm down again.

However, they remain noticeably changed in nature. Because now they are in the so-called territorial constellation, and manic-depressive.

Furthermore, their emotional maturity stops!

And if they are then 30, the parents often think, “actually, I still have an adolescent at home even though he is intellectually fit!

Generations of developmentally retarded people are part of the fabric of society today, and these people behave like children.

It is easy to fill children’s heads with any mischief. Unfortunately, there is a significant decline in really wise people in our world.

Gender ideology destroys these potentially wise people during their childhood, and it is worldwide.

So, Protect your children, at least from television.

Continue to have fun studying Germanische Heilkunde.

Bye! Until the next video

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