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Heartburn Because of a Parking Lot – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Anger about a blocked car park can cause heartburn – as shown in this GHK testimonial.

Hello Helmut Pilhar

I am 69 years old and left-handed. I live in an apartment building close to a community center, and I own two parking spaces, but I have only one car; the other parking space is for my guests.

An acquaintance, a community center member, noticed that one of my parking spaces is almost always empty. He asked me if he could park his car there during events, and I allowed him to do so. He parked his car there as agreed; however, since his car is known in the community, another community member parked next to it in my second parking space. When my roommate came home, I got into trouble. From then on, other community members often parked in our spaces. This had never happened before because it was obvious that these parking spaces belonged to our house.

When I explained the problem to my acquaintance, he promised not to park his car there anymore. Two years later, he did me a favor and asked me again if, in return, he could park his car in my space again. He told me to set up a sign, “Private parking, unauthorized parkers will be towed.” I said yes again. But I did not put up the sign until it was too late. I came home one day, and his car was parked in one spot, and next to it, another car occupied the space of my roommate.

I got terribly upset, ran straight over, and asked who owned the car. There was just an organized feast; however, I had lost my appetite for food and told them so. I was confrontational. No one came forward about the car, but when I looked over to our house, I saw that the car was gone. I guess he didn’t want to make himself known and drove away quickly.

At this point, I felt reassured, and I was able to have lunch there, which I had intended to do anyway. Afterward, I spoke with my acquaintance about it, and he said I should place this sign.

After the meal, I did not feel well and immediately ate another piece of cake to get rid of the unpleasant feeling. That evening, I realized that the unpleasant feeling was heartburn; after all, what was tormenting me? Why did I have heartburn? Aha, that’s this territorial anger because of the parking lot!

After realizing this, I knew what I had to do. My parking space must remain free. I don’t want to have anyone towed away, either. If there is no car in my parking space, I don’t have a problem. The next day, I talked for an hour with my roommate’s wife about it; the heartburn was gone, and three days later, I told my acquaintance not to park his car at my place anymore. He calmly said, yes, okay. A short time later, I got a proper coughing fit.

Kind regards

Note by Helmut Pilhar

If you know the cause, you know what to do!
If people are able to recognize what makes them sick, they can change many things in their lives to become healthy or stay healthy. We would have a different society – a biologically healthy society.

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