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Dr. Hamer’s Closing Speech in Aidenbach

Seminar with Dr. Hamer February 8th and 9th, 1997

GNM is a natural medicine because it encompasses everything: from the brain to the organ, or from the organ to the brain, from the sympathetic to the vagotonic, from the psychological to the physical, from the human to the animal, even to the plant life, because plants have everything in their organ brain…


Ladies and gentlemen, this idea reassures me. Personally, it makes me really glad!
I can live in harmony with it and be happy with it!
Now I see each plant differently than I saw it a year or two ago. I see every animal differently today. I can talk to the animals, yes I converse with them. I know they have a soul, a consciousness, just as we humans do. I also know that every plant has a consciousness!

Everything has changed for me! And I also want to give you the opportunity to reconsider your position. I don’t want to trick you, nor do I feel the need to persuade anybody.
You can believe what you want – but whatever you want to believe, you must not overlook these laws, the natural laws of German New Medicine. We must always include these natural laws in our thinking and beliefs.

I am no longer afraid, of death because I know this cosmos will do what is right even beyond this life!

Whether we want to imagine life and death somehow dogmatically, or with the transmigration of souls, or with Taoism, or … It doesn’t matter. It is such a reassuring feeling that Mother Nature is not, as we used to think, a sloppy organiser, constantly making her mistakes.
Mistakes like cancer cells going off the rails, proliferating somewhere, derailing cells, malignant cancer cells and also the malignant microbes that want to eat us up. Everything was seemingly out of control!

It reassures me that there is nothing like that and that everything that takes place in the cosmos is wonderful! You can stand in front of a plant and say, “Hi, I want to talk to you…” I can stand in front of an animal and say, “How beautiful you are! Do you want to talk to me?”
I don’t like the dogmas anymore that order me to use all animals for slaughter just because I am deluded into thinking that I am now the only creature that the Lord God likes. So the dolphins, who are much smarter than us, are to be neglected, and we can kill them all?!

I do not want to be a part of any such religion! I don’t want to be in a heaven where there are no animals, not even plants!

You are welcome to wish for these things; I have nothing against it!
Yes, as I said, I feel comfortable in my faith. And I would like to find out if there is a heaven where animals and plants exist. I find that if I live here on earth and I know that animals and plants have a soul, and then I can go to heaven where there are no animal souls and also no plant souls – horrible!

I would also like to show you that GNM is also a kind of natural biological religion – actually a „medicina sagrada“ – a religion of nature.
Right now outside there are horses grazing, there are cow standing around, there are foxes running about, owls flying, and so on… All of them have the same religion of nature!

And yes, I can have the same nature religion as them. Not like in former times when man believed that the Lord God allowed us to kill all the animals!

No! They all have a right to live on this earth! Just like me! I have no more and no less a right to live than these beautiful animals out there who also want to live!
The GNM connects the whole cosmos in an incredible way! We almost can’t even imagine that anymore today!

Previously we believed that mother nature was so sloppy and constantly making mistakes which we had to fix!

Now we know that the patient, the human being, when he has a schizophrenic constellation, then he moves into another situation or level.
For example, with the dying, they sometimes have the feeling of floating, and they see themselves from above. In this situation they have a schizophrenic constellation – a flyer constellation!

Afterwards, they swear that they floated up and could see their bodies lying below them! This is because whenever we have two conflicts, we are in a schizophrenic constellation, and this is totally understandable for me!

Then our organism lifts us to another level, and we look for a way out on this other level! So it is understandable and expected. And all the techniques that we used to apply now become totally clear and transparent to us. As I said before, we don’t need to make any leaps of faith or esoteric acrobatics, we can simply use our common sense along with our hearts!

Don’t sit in front of the TV anymore every evening, and don’t buy those idiotic daily newspapers which only drum their crazy slogans into you – but try to look at nature self-critically and calmly.

For example look at the autumn leaves, observe the edemas in the conflict-resolved phase, for instance, when juice comes again into the leaves just for a short time!
Or in the winter when nature suddenly “lives” again entirely differently! You understand her! You can now “speak” with the tree!

Yes, you can really talk to them! You can read their minds. You can talk to the animals. You can read the thoughts of the animals. And also the plants and the animals can read your thoughts! Anyone who has cats and dogs know that!

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like you not only to have learned about medicine here, but I want you to go home happy and say to yourself: I now have to look at life in a completely different way!

Conventional medicine used to always see great malice in nature, and in our delusion we had always suspected mishaps in nature, we believed that nature was stupid and made mistakes all the time. And we, the ultimate idiots, would then constantly have to repair these mistakes in nature!

Ladies and gentlemen, This is not true at all!
We ourselves were the fools, that is true, but Mother Nature did not make any mistakes. She only has sensible special programs; we were just too stupid to understand.

The clever senior physicians and primary physicians thought they had to fix the mistakes of mother nature! This is curious, but as we see today in the modern health atlases, the actual modern man’s intellect (mind) is being circumcised.

Yes, the Lord God has made a mistake there! He has done a sloppy job! Yes, that’s what it really says! So we have always thought Mother Nature makes mistakes, is sloppy, and lets everything get out of hand! Cancer degenerates, the microbes want to exterminate us … and now we see all this was not true at all!

Mother nature has never made a mistake at all, but we have simply misunderstood everything in our arrogance and ignorance! We could have realised this with one single patient, how it really was, and we could have determined this thousand of times!

We were fortunate to live in a time when we were allowed to discover this, where we were allowed to watch nature and now understand how things really work!

For me, every single patient is a miracle! This may sound a bit strange now, but medicine is sacred for me. Just as a child is sacred to me, and so is every patient!

When a person sits opposite me and tells me his innermost feelings, this is such a tremendous act of trust; and if you abuse this trust then you are a pig! The patient and the doctor have to create a whole new relationship with each other.

It’s no longer about money, it’s no longer about all these stupid things, whether the doctor drives a BMW, etc. …
If there is an unhappy person, who has a problem, then he has a special program and the doctor says to him: “Come on, calm down first …”.
I now know that sensible things are going on with the patient and that I can help him sensibly!
Yes, that never existed before!

At the moment doctors only see that there is a highly malignant tumor. Do we give him this chemotherapy or that chemotherapy? When and how do we operate? How many radiation treatments will he receive? etc. …

I now can help the patient, i.e. almost everyone. It depends on whether I am good and can give him the right advice. Together we will have to find the right moment so that the patient can reveal his innermost secrets to me.

But, ladies and gentlemen, as is still so often the case, this private information immediately goes into a computer, and tomorrow the neighbour already knows the innermost feelings of the patient because he works at the health insurance company; that is a massive breach of trust!

What is spoken in the closet stays in the closet; it should not go anywhere! Because any breach of trust between the doctor and patient would compromise the patient! If he confessed his innermost feelings to you, there are positive things in it and things he is ashamed of! After expressing all of his innermost feelings the patient and doctor discuss and exchange on what has been said and the patient feels that he is an equal comrade!

You see, ladies and gentlemen, in the past, when someone became a professor, it was not good for the patient, only for himself. Indeed, to humiliate the patients: Stand at attention! Stand straight! Posture! I am the professor! This kind of thinking and acting is over. I would never – even if the GNM would get established – accept the title of professor.

That would be horrible for me – even the idea alone! I only want to be a friend to you, a comrade. All that changes with GNM!

Ladies and gentlemen, please do not take what I have said personally, I have addressed these personal words to you at the very end because it was a real concern for me today!

I wish that nobody feels attacked when I call the old medicine “idiot medicine” and now offer you another one, GNM, with which you can achieve better success.
I wanted to give you a totally different picture – a comprehensive one – with which you can look at the whole of the living world and understand it.

That is tremendously blissful when you not only look at nature but also learn to speak with every daisy and each animal! Now you don’t need any more lodges, sects or anything else!

Ladies and gentlemen, my friends, thank you very much for coming, and I wish you a pleasant journey home.

I was pleased to have done these two days of GNM with you.

Thank you very much!

Copyright Dr. Hamer
Translated: John Holledauer

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