Outgoing thyroid ducts – Diagnostic Chart

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Outgoing thyroid ducts – Diagnostic Chart


Powerlessness conflict


  • “My hands are tied. I can’t do anything.”
  • “Something should be done urgently, and nobody does anything!”

Hamer Focus:

HH Frontal left

Active phase:

In the ca-phase, ulcers form in the former thyroid excretory ducts, which are now closed to the outside (now endocrine gland), which cannot be seen, sometimes can be felt in the thyroid gland as a pulling pain.


In the pcl-phase, so-called euthyroid (also retosternal or mediastinal) thyroid cysts are formed. The euthyroid cysts have the same mechanism as the non-Hodgkin cysts. The whole thing is called “euthyroid struma” or “benign goiter.”



Biological Sense:

Active phase Through ulcerative expansion of the excretory ducts, increased thyroxine release also results (originally into the intestine, now into the bloodstream).


Cold node arises due to long conflict activity

Remark from H. Pilhar

The para-anal fistula: “One was too slow to get rid of a morsel of feces”. See graphic.

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