Loss of smell right – Diagnostic Chart

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Loss of smell right – Diagnostic Chart


Scent conflict Conflict of not wanting to smell something.
  • for the right-handed person concerning partner
  • for the left-handed person concerning mother or child


“This smell / stench can’t be true!”

Hamer Focus:

HH in the diencephalon on the left.

Active phase:

The fila olfactory does not change macroscopically. With increasing permanent conflict, they lose their function more and more concerning the perception of a particular smell (anosmia). The fila olfactory is a part of the brain, like the retina.


Loss of the sense of smell. The patient can hardly or not smell on the fila olfactory’s right half. Edema and glia are deposited in the fila olfactory, and after completion of the healing phase, restitution of a (large) part of the smelling ability.


Biological Sense:

Active phase An unbearable stench is “turned off,” faded out.


Function failure

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