Paranasal sinus mucosal ulcer right – Diagnostic Chart

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Paranasal sinus mucosal ulcer right – Diagnostic Chart


Stink/scent conflict

  • for the right-handed person concerning partner
  • for the left-handed person concerning mother or child


“It stinks to me!” Also, in the figurative sense.

Hamer Focus:

HH fronto basal left

Active phase:

Ulcers of the nasal mucosa which, however, do not bleed, but only “crust.” The longer the conflict lasts, the larger and deeper the ulcer.


In the pcl-phase, the mucosa in the ulcers’ area swells enormously, with the secretion of serous fluid (runny nose). CAUTION in syndrome: so-called sinusitis (inflammation of the maxillary sinus). At the end of the pcl-phase, the ulcers are healed again.



Biological Sense:

Ulcerative widening of the original gullet.


Outer-skin pattern

Purulent thrush occurs when intestinal autochthonous mucosal components are involved, occasionally found in the paranasal sinuses.

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