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Scientific Diagnostic Chart

Cervix uteri and portio mucosa cancer

Cerebral cortex = New Brain = Outer Germ Layer = Ectoderm

Hamer compass


Cervix uteri and portio mucosa cancer


Female sexual frustration conflict
  • right-handed woman’s first conflict
  • left-handed woman with schizophrenic constellation second conflict


  • It breaks your heart,
  • It makes your heart bleed,
  • You broke my heart

Hamer Focus:

HH in tachycardic cardiac rhythm, center-left periinsular. In addition, HH is also left lateral in the cerebellum if an archaic nesting component is present.

Active phase:

Coronary vein ulcers with mild angina pectoris. Loss of menstruation (amenorrhea). Ulcers of the uterine portio and cervix


Swelling of the coronary vein Intima mucosa. Swelling of the squamous mucosa of the uterine orifice and cervix. Bleeding from the cervical orifices or cervical ulcers. (Good sign!) Resumption of ovulation and menstruation. Collum or portio-Ca no longer impedes gravidity (pregnancy) after the pcl-phase.


2 to 6 weeks later: epileptoid crisis! (so-called “pulmonary embolism.” Real “thrombus emboli” are found. However, these do not originate from any deep leg veins, as previously assumed, but from the coronary vein ulcers in the healing process. The coronary veins open into the right atrium of the heart. This is also where the “thrombi” are torn off from the coronary vein ulcers as healing clot crusts. They clog individual pulmonary artery branches. Symptoms: Epileptoid crisis (also female right myocardial infarction), more precisely: pulmonary embolic acute right myocardial infarction. It is always accompanied by tachycardia, tremor, feeling of destruction, dyspnea, centralization, etc. Therapy: High-dose cortisone for the time after or already during the epileptoid crisis, which decides whether the patient lives or dies. CAUTION: The cortisone injection lasts only a few hours, after which the danger may be as great again if no further injections follow. Switch to tablets.
  • Psychic: Sense of annihilation and anxiety
  • Cerebral: Absence, tachycardia and tachyarrhythmia, ventricular flutter
  • Organic: Pulmonary embolism due to tearing loose of healing crusts, centralization, shortness of breath, pain

Biological Sense:

Active phase Enlargement of the coronary veins Active phase Ulcerative extension of the cervix, mechanical enhancement of conception in the schizophrenic constellation.


Coronary veins are also bronchial arches descendants and sensitively supplied by the cerebral cortex. Coronary veins and cervical ulcers always occur together in women. In males, there are naturally only coronary vein ulcers.

Note by: GHK Academy

The diagnosis chart is from 2006, when Dr. Hamer prescribed the drug cortisone for pulmonary embolism and myocardial infarction. The idea was to use the cortisone’s sympathicotonic effect to prevent the patient from going into vagotonia, thus intensifying the crisis and prolonging the healing phase. Then – so was the thinking – it would be easier for the patient to return to eutony after the crisis. A flat curve is easier to manage than a sharp one. Dr. Hamer completely abandoned the use of cortisone in pulmonary embolism and myocardial infarction. He discovered that cortisone does not have a purely sympathicotonic effect like coffee. The cortisone acts as if a conflict relapse has happened.
Uterus + Ovaries
Uterus + Ovaries
Chart Cerebral Cortex-Ectoderm
Chart Cerebral Cortex-Ectoderm

Right brain side



Functional Failure

Left brain side



Functional Failure

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