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Scientific Diagnostic Chart

Stomach Ulcer

Cerebral cortex = New Brain = Outer Germ Layer = Ectoderm

Hamer compass


Stomach Ulcer – Diagnostic Chart


  • male territorial anger conflict. Boundary dispute conflict, e.g., with “neighbor territory chief,” also concerning the territory content “partner is cheating.”
  • female identity conflict


Spitting venom and bile in anger

Hamer Focus:

HH right temporal

Active phase:

Mild pain of the stomach ulcer, surficial loss of the stomach mucosa’s substance only along the small curvature of the stomach at the pylorus and in the bulbus duodeni, where the ectodermal squamous epithelium has migrated. This is sensitively supplied (cerebral sensitivity from the sensory cortex center), hence the severe pain, spasm, or gastric colic. There are regular stomach types, which always react with territorial anger, in principle, always a squamous ulcer.


Bleeding stomach ulcers or duodenal ulcers (hematemesis and black feces). Although actually a good sign, we are used to thinking of it as a bad thing, which in principle it is not. No more pain and colic except for occasional vomiting. ATTENTION: Beware of Syndrome.


  • severe pain + bleeding + absence
  • With striated muscles: painful gastric colic + bleeding + absence

Biological Sense:

Active phase

Ulcerous enlargement of the stomach passage, especially the stomach outlet


Gullet mucosa pattern
Graphic organ stomach
Graphic organ stomach
Chart Cerebral Cortex-Ectoderm
Chart Cerebral Cortex-Ectoderm

Right brain side



Functional Failure

Left brain side



Functional Failure

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