Hypoglycemia – Diagnostic Chart

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Hypoglycemia – Diagnostic Chart


  • female fear-disgust conflict against someone or something specific, e.g., the spider.
  • male resist-conflict, e.g., against the superior.


Hamer Focus:

HH frontal left diencephalic.

Active phase:

Increasing loss of function of alpha islet cells in ca-phase (glucagon insufficiency), increasing hypoglycemia: “I walk like on absorbent cotton!” In particular, a constellation with stomach relay right cortical: bulimia = binge eating addiction (hypoglycemia with stomach ulcer).


In the pcl-phase, blood glucose levels slowly rise again.


Hypoglycemia Caution: epileptoid crisis may cause short-term hypoglycemia and then prolonged severe blood glucose elevation.

Biological Sense:

Active phase The increased intake of food (always hunger) compensates for the increased glucose consumption of the organism.


Hypoglycemia = glucagon insufficiency = functional reduction of pancreatic alpha islet cells.

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