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Bulimia – combination of 2 special programs

Bulimia is a Constellation, a combination of 2 special programs active

Bulimia, a so-called eat-vomit addiction, is an exceptional combination of two active biological special programs. Just by the combination and activity of these two conflicts, there is also a so-called schizophrenic constellation simultaneously. Thus, the simultaneous occurrence of two DHS conflicts with SBS (Sensible Biological Special Programs), whose Hamer Focus is located in different brain hemispheres.

Conflicts include hypoglycemia of the blood and gastric ulcer.


The order in which the biological conflicts “strike” (Consecutio) depends not only on the patient’s handedness but also on the hormonal situation (e.g., climacteric, birth control pill, etc.). If the hormonal situation changes, the perception of conflict also changes, i.e., the same event is processed entirely differently. In the case of menopause of the woman, for example, it is no longer experienced as a female conflict but in the male understanding. The clapping test is the safest method to determine handedness. If the right hand is on top, one is right-handed or vice versa. If the left hand is on top, one is left-handed from the brain.

A right-handed young woman, for example, suffers hypoglycemia during a fear-disgust conflict (frontal-medial, left). Since the responsible relay is not located in the female territorial area, the hemisphere does not change here yet. But if she takes the pill, or if she has suffered a double conflict in this DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome) (e.g., at the same time another fright conflict). From now on, the cerebrum’s left side is blocked so that the next conflict can only hit the right male hemisphere. Suppose she suffers as the next conflict (right temporal) still another territorial anger conflict. In that case, she is from now on bulimic and, at the same time, also in a schizophrenic constellation.

A left-handed young woman suffers hyperglycemia during a fear-disgust conflict, i.e., the conflict hits the opposite male hemisphere (due to left-handedness). She can even theoretically suffer another fear-disgust conflict, this time with hypoglycemia. Still, then she is “only” in the schizophrenic constellation. But if she would now suffer another identity conflict left-temporal, then the brain side would change, and she would organically get a gastric ulcer and would be bulimic from now on.

Suppose a left-handed woman takes the birth control pill. In that case, she reacts in the left female hemisphere. However, like a left-handed man, she also feels predominantly male but also a little bit female (“bi”). And she can now get a fear-disgust-conflict “of resisting” as a first conflict. The right-handed male suffers a gastric ulcer (right-temporal) from a territorial anger conflict. In the 2nd conflict, the brain side changes. Now he can also suffer a fear-disgust-conflict, but is then automatically in a schizo-bulimic constellation.
On the other hand, the left-handed person would first get a Rectum-Ulcus-Ca (left-temporal) in the case of a territorial anger conflict. Thereby, the left brain side would be blocked… With every hormonal change, however, the cards are reshuffled again.

Between right-handers and left-handers, only the relation between mental level and the brain is reversed. From the level brain to the level organ, the relation is always constant. The left- and right-handedness begins in the brain; from the cerebellum on, everything is side-defined. In the brainstem, it plays practically no role. Therefore, handedness is a crucial criterion in Germanische Heilkunde® and indispensable for diagnostics.

Here’s an example:

As a 7-year-old child, a right-handed patient had to watch her mother being raped by Russians. She suffered a double conflict: a fear-disgust-conflict with hypoglycemia and a fear-anxiety-conflict. The conflicts now remained hanging active for years. That is, they were always active but down-transformed.

At the age of 17, she got married. However, shortly after the marriage, the newlyweds had a terrible conflict. In the process, the patient had suffered a DHS, a territorial anger conflict with a gastric ulcer. From that moment on, she was bulimic. This quarrel was “recurrent.” However, once she reconciled with her husband, she would occasionally get gastric bleeding in the healing phase. But every time there was another quarrel between her and her husband, she was immediately bulimic again.

The fear-disgust conflict remained hanging active for years because she often fell, i.e., she fainted (hypoglycemia). One must know: A hanging conflict can flare up again at any time. At the next conflict, the pat. is also immediately in a schizophrenic constellation. The remarkable thing is that the patient does not build a conflict load. On the other hand, one can become very old with such hanging conflicts. It is certainly not easy to solve these conflicts. Even if it were possible to solve the anger conflict definitively, the other would not be solved yet. So, if one would prevent the marriage quarrel in the long run, or if the conflict would perhaps settle itself by a divorce, the fear-disgust-conflict would remain hanging active. Some conflicts can be solved only by mental overcoming.

Another example:

For example, a boy of 5 years, his father, whom he knew only drunk, stuffed tomatoes, cucumbers, and canned fish into his mouth. When the child was disgusted by this, the father beat shouted and slurred his words at him in the restaurant. As a result, the boy threw up. This only irritated the father more, and he beat the child all the more. The boy (right-handed) suffered a territorial anger conflict with a gastric ulcer and a hearing conflict “I don’t trust my ears, this can’t be true” (tinnitus). Now the father stuffed cucumbers, tomatoes, and canned fish into his mouth. The child was indescribably disgusted, but the father did not let go “on principle,” although or because he was drunk. After each vomiting, again, “on principle,” cucumbers and tomatoes were stuffed. The child suffered another fear-disgust conflict only a few minutes after the 1st conflict (DHS).

From the hour, he had a schizo-bulimic constellation on several tracks: Whenever cucumbers, tomatoes, or canned fish came on the table, the pat. Immediately, he got nauseous or even had to throw up – moreover; he had to immediately eat something as sweet as possible because of hypoglycemia of the blood due to the fear-disgust conflict: ravenous hunger! If the father slurred again in the drunkenness, what he regularly did, this was already enough for the bulimia and tinnitus.

Tracks are always additional conflict aspects or perceptions at the moment of the DHS. If the patient later comes to such a track, then a recurrence of the overall conflict can result. However, knowing whether and which conflicts may be resolved, and mostly which ones may not be resolved at all, shows the conscientiousness required in dealing with Germanische Heilkunde®. The doctor of the Germanische Heilkunde® must, therefore, be medically all-embracing educated, and humanly qualified, and also be a medical criminalist. Of course, one would have to ask one step deeper: If there are two sensible biological special programs, which is the biological sense for each of the two?

And what is the possible “super sense” in this schizophrenic constellation? …

The healing science has nothing to do with today’s nicely called holistic medicine, which nobody can imagine anyway. It is closely oriented to biological behavior and conflicts and sets entirely new standards. The most weighty are the findings of the interaction of psyche – brain – organ – from the IRON RULE OF CANCER, i.e., the empirically found systematic correlation between physical disease and psychological-cerebral cause.

The IRON RULE OF CANCER states that a DHS triggers every so-called disease (not only cancer), i.e., a particular biological conflict shock. The same second causes a Hamer Focus, detectable in the brain-computer tomogram (CT), in the brain relay responsible for the organ and causes corresponding changes in the organ.

Germanische Heilkunde® is a super determined system in the strict scientific sense, i.e., if one knows one level, one can find the others conclusively. And it also gives the embryological ontogenetic explanations for understanding why the individual relay centers are located in the places of the brain where we find them. The brain’s CT is then “only” a self-evident confirmation of the things we already knew anyway, a kind of self-control.

Nobody knew the cause of bulimia before. But if we now know the cause, we already know the therapy, which necessarily follows from the system.

Germanische Heilkunde® is such a comprehensive and logical system that the so-called diseases, in reality, sensible biological special programs, fit into the whole sensibly. In contrast, in the past, we could not discover any sense in the infinite number of syndromes (simultaneous occurrence of several symptoms).
What would probably be the biological sense is bulimia?
The fear-disgust-conflict (or in the case of the left-handed resist-conflict) is supposed to mean the avoidance of a danger from which we are disgusted or repulsed.

During straining (tonic muscle contraction and trembling), a lot of sugar (= fuel of the muscles) is consumed. Simultaneously, glycogen production (= antagonist of insulin = antagonist) is throttled so that the sugar reservoirs in the liver cannot be mobilized. The women “faint with disgust.”

The situation is reversed in the conflict of resisting (in the right-handed man) and fear-disgust (in the left-handed woman). The man has to “get through” the struggle. He has to win the fight. Therefore, insulin production is throttled. As much blood sugar as possible remains in circulation (and especially in the muscles). This is probably the biological sense.

With the stomach ulcer, the biological sense is clearly to choke out the food again, to be able to exist better the unexpectedly necessary territorial hunter (border) dispute, since the chances would be worse with a full stomach.

The “biological super sense” of this bulimic constellation can be looked for only in the direction in which the individual constantly has to exist in disgusting new territorial anger conflicts. Thus, the” swinging mechanism. “

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