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Organ Pancreas

graphic organ pancreas
graphic organ pancreas

Organ Pancreas a distinction must be made between the pancreas’ glandular tissue (fight and the morsel, inheritance conflicts) and the excretory duct (territorial anger). Moreover, there are the islet cells (hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia).

Diagnostics Chart Function Failure

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus – Diagnostic Chart Conflict: male resisting conflict – conflict of resisting and fighting back against someone or something in particular. female fear-disgust conflict

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Chart Cerebral Cortex-Ectoderm


Hypoglycemia – Diagnostic Chart Conflict: female fear-disgust conflict against someone or something specific, e.g., the spider. male resist-conflict, e.g., against the superior. handedness and hormonal

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Pancreas-Ca – Diagnostic Chart Conflict: Anger conflict with family members, fight for the morsel, inheritance dispute. Example: A woman has to cancel a long-planned and

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