Thalamus disorder right – Diagnostic Chart

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Thalamus disorder right – Diagnostic Chart

Thalamus conflict, metabolic alteration


Complete self-surrender


“I wish I were dead already!”

Hamer Focus:

HH in the right thalamus, in the dorso-basal area of the diencephalon.

Active phase:

Maximum restlessness, insomnia, change in various hormonal (pituitary) and blood chemical parameters. Massive change of vegetative state, manic restlessness.


Renormalization of hormonal and blood chemical parameters and vegetative state. CAUTION in syndrome: risk of diencephalic aqueduct compression and development of hydrocephalus internus in case of swelling of one or both halves of the thalamus in the healing phase.


Biological Sense:

Active phase The biological sense is obviously stress management in terms of blood chemical and hormonal parameters.


Metabolic change

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