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Scientific Diagnostic Chart

Tonsil Cancer right

Brainstem = Old Brain = Inner Germ Layer = Endoderm

Hamer compass

Tonsil Cancer right – Diagnostic Chart


Conflict of not being able to swallow a (food) morsel due to lack of secretion.
Example: An apartment is firmly promised, but at the last moment, the rental contract falls through, i.e. someone else has snatched the “morsel” (house, workplace, etc.) away.


Hamer Focus:

HH in brainstem right dorsal

Active phase:

Tonsillar hyperplasia = tonsillar hypertrophy = cauliflower-like growing adeno-ca of secretory grade. Enlarged, often “fissured” tonsils when multiple adenocarcinomas with tuberculous caseation had already expired in the pcl-phase.


Fetid tuberculous caseation of tonsillar hyperplasia: purulent tonsillitis, tonsillar abscess caused by fungi (tonsillar mycosis), or fungal bacteria (tonsillar TBC).



Biological Sense:

  • active phase wants to salivate a morsel of food in order to be able to absorb it quicker.
  • A morsel that one wants to be able to absorb more quickly.


Nose Organ Graphic
Nose Organ Graphic

Right brain side

Central brain

Left brain side

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