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Scientific Diagnostic Chart

Duodenum Carcinoma

Brainstem = Old Brain = Inner Germ Layer = Endoderm

Hamer compass

Duodenum Carcinoma – Diagnostic Chart


Conflict of not being able to digest the morsel. The trouble with family members, colleagues, friends


Hamer Focus:

HH in the brainstem (pons), laterally (laterally) to the right

Active phase:

Compact, flat-growing adeno-ca of the absorptive grade in the duodenum rarely makes a bowel obstruction.


Acid-fast fungi and fungal bacteria (mycobacterium tuberculosis) provide the caseous degradation of the tumor.



Biological Sense:

Active phase:

The proliferation of intestinal cells for better absorption of food.

Graphic organ Intestine
Graphic organ Intestine

Right brain side

Central brain

Left brain side

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