Scientific Diagnostic Chart

Bladder polyp

Brainstem = Old Brain = Inner Germ Layer = Endoderm

Hamer compass

Bladder polyp


Ugly conflict, “mess.”
Example: a pregnant woman is beaten by her husband.


What a pig! What a mess! Vile!

Hamer Focus:

HH in the brainstem, lateral ventral left

active phase:

Compact cauliflower-like growing adeno-ca of secretory grade (bladder polyps) or flat growing adeno-ca of absorptive grade. Especially in the “vertical trigone.”


Tuberculous caseating necrotization or encapsulation of the compact tumor.



Biological Sense:

  • active phase, Secretory type: digestion of a protein clot in the bladder, e.g., in renal collecting tube TBC.
  • Re absorptive type: the archaic possibility of urine resorption analogous to the collecting tubes of the kidneys.


Submucosal bladder trigonum Ca, especially in the “vertical trigone,” is the triangle between the ureters’ confluence and the outlet of the urethra.


Right brain side

Central brain

Left brain side