Palatal-Ca right – Diagnostic Chart

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Palatal-Ca right – Diagnostic Chart


Conflict of having already grasped a (food) morsel but not being able to swallow it.
Example: Someone thinks he has won the lottery, but his ticket has been registered incorrectly by the ticket office by mistake.


Hamer Focus:

In the brainstem (pons), right dorsal (backward)

Active phase:

Compact cauliflower-like growing palate adeno-ca of secretory grade or flat growing adeno-ca of absorptive grade, of old intestinal mucosal remnants (under the oral squamous epithelium)


Stinking tuberculous cassation and degradation of the tumor by fungi (mycosis) or fungal bacteria (e.g., TB)



Biological Sense:

  • active phase to want to salivate a morsel of food in order to be able to take it in more quickly.
  • To want to take in a morsel of food more quickly.



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