Colon Carcinoma – Diagnostic Chart

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Colon Carcinoma – Diagnostic Chart


Ugly indigestible anger.
Example: Someone is falsely accused of insurance fraud.


Hamer Focus:

In the brainstem (pons), lateral (side) left

active phase:

Cauliflower-growing secretory grade adeno-Ca, or flat-growing absorptive grade adeno-Ca.


Tuberculous-caseating necrotizing degradation of the tumor by fungi (tumor mycosis). Occasionally, moderate bleeding or colon TB (mycobacteria). Here also so-called “ulcerative colitis” = chronic recurrent rejection of the flat tumor parts in the respective healing phase after chronic recurrences of the mostly same conflict.


Biological Sense:

Active phase:

a) Secretory type: tumor growing like a cauliflower, secretion of digestive juice to digest and open up a morsel of food that is stuck in the occlusion.
b) areal growing “wall-thickening” of the absorptive type: increased resorption or food (water, air) absorption.


Ascending colon, transverse colon- and descending colon-Ca


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