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Scientific Diagnostic Chart

Belly Button Ca

Brainstem = Old Brain = Inner Germ Layer = Endoderm

Hamer compass

Belly Button Ca – Diagnostic Chart


Conflict of not being able to excrete something.
Example: a woman taking a cure notices that her husband is slurring his words on the phone in the morning, i.e., that he has still not excreted his alcohol.


Hamer Focus:

HH in brainstem ventral left medial

active phase:

Compact cauliflower-like growing adeno-Ca of the secretory grade or flat-growing adeno-Ca of the absorptive grade, the developmental “cloaca.”


Tuberculous caseating necrotization by fungi or fungal bacteria, or encapsulation.



Biological Sense:

active phase, archaic attempt to excrete the old contents of the cloaca


Right brain side

Central brain

Left brain side

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