Scientific Diagnostic Chart

Liver Carcinoma

Brainstem = Old Brain = Inner Germ Layer = Endoderm

Hamer compass

Liver Carcinoma – Diagnostic Chart


Starvation conflict, also, e.g., due to colon cancer


Oh, God! I’m starving! What am I going to live on?

Hamer Focus:

In the brainstem (pons), laterally on the right side

active phase:

  • Cauliflower-like growing adeno-Ca of secretory grade or predominantly spherical growing adeno-Ca of absorptive grade.
  • Typically round, so-called solitary round foci appear dark on CT.


  • The cure can be accomplished in two ways: Encapsulation (non-biological!) – for the lost liver parenchyma, the liver can grow new tissue.
  • Tuberculous-caseating, necrotizing, degradation (biological cure) by liver TBC.



Biological Sense:

Active phase
Predominantly absorptive type to better absorb food, but possibly secretory portions to better digest food with increased bile excretion.


Right brain side

Central brain

Left brain side