Organ Liver


In the organ liver’s case, we have the liver parenchyma with liver cancer (starvation – brainstem). Many liver rounds mean starvation around itself, and a single liver round means starvation around someone else (or animal). On the other hand, the hepatic ducts are lined with squamous epithelium and are controlled from the territorial area of the cerebral cortex.

Jaundice – Diagnostic Chart

Jaundice – Diagnostic Chart Conflict: Territorial anger conflict. The boundaries with the neighboring territory are violated so that the “neighboring boss” can make inroads. Often

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Olivia Pilhar

Olivia Pilhar born Dec. 31st, 1988 (New Year’s Eve) The delivery was in an alternative birth clinic because we had only bad experiences with our

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Organ Intestine

In the case of the organ intestine, the glandular tissue (intestinal villi, brainstem controlled) and the smooth muscle (midbrain) are present. Each intestinal section has

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