Organ Blood

Organ Blood

The blood and what can be deduced from the laboratory values.

Chart Cerebral Cortex-Ectoderm

Jaundice – Diagnostic Chart

Jaundice – Diagnostic Chart Conflict: Territorial anger conflict. The boundaries with the neighboring territory are violated so that the “neighboring boss” can make inroads. Often

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Bone Organ Graphic

Organ Bone

The organ bone always has a severe self-value collapse as its conflict content. Each bone and each joint has its own self-value content. With the

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Kidney Organ Graphic

Organ Kidney

In the organ kidney, we have the kidney parenchyma (hypertension, renal cyst, Wilms), the kidney collecting tubes (water retention, dialysis, protein in urine), the adrenal

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Liver, Gallbladder + Bile Ducts - Organ Graphic

Organ Liver

In the organ liver’s case, we have the liver parenchyma with liver cancer (starvation – brainstem). Many liver rounds mean starvation around itself, and a

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