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Ultrasound examinations in Germanische Heilkunde

Conflicts, “diseases,” and cures of the child during pregnancy and after birth are caused by ultrasound examinations, among others.

The Germanische Heilkunde® summarizes the knowledge about nature’s laws, according to which “illnesses” originate, proceed, and end. As well, the then following healings are proceeding. Likewise, the Germanische Heilkunde® contains the realization that “illnesses” are, in reality, sensible biological special programs (biological = consequential, concerning the concerns of life). These natural laws were discovered in 1979 by the German physician Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer has since been found and researched by him and many thousands of doctors, alternative practitioners, people in other medical professions, and lay people (patients).

The unborn child

The lengthy discussions about abortions have always included when the newly conceived life is a human being. Some consider the child to be a human being only from the moment of birth. Others consider the moment of fertilization of the egg with the first cell division to be the beginning of being a human being. There is a whole range of other views in between. Apart from purely legal questions in this regard, in connection with the handling of abortions. There is also the question of the quality of becoming human and being human. With ever-increasing technological possibilities, research in this field has led to a more humane picture in the more modern literature on pregnancy. It was to be determined more and more precisely from which time the becoming child could see, feel, and awaken the other senses in the pregnancy. But what this actually very technical view (because it is based on technical science) does not convey to an expectant mother and also to her partner is the fact that a child during pregnancy also already has a soul and has sensations just like an infant: a toddler, an adolescent, an adult, and an old man. For the consideration of pregnancy under medical aspects, this means, if one knows the Germanische Heilkunde®, that a child during pregnancy can naturally also suffer biological conflict shocks (DHS) in the same way as infants, toddlers, adolescents, adults, and old people. The same conflict-active special programs (“diseases”) run in case of conflict resolution still during pregnancy and the corresponding healing phases.

From the meanwhile rich wealth of experience of many thousands of people since the discovery of Germanische Heilkunde® in 1979, some typical conflicts with their courses in children during pregnancy have become apparent. These will now be listed here. Above all, these nine “diseases” are caused by ultrasound examinations.

Pressing on the abdomen during an ultrasound examination may be perceived by the child as a threat. There are several particular ways in which the sensation can be evaluated.

Paralysis (with epilepsy after birth).

It may be a threat that the child wants to escape. But since this is not possible for reasons that are certainly understandable, the child may suffer the conflict of not being able to escape. This leads to motor paralysis. These become worse and chronic if a mother has ultrasound examinations very often, and the threat is thus repeated continuously. Such a conflict is often resolved through birth (“now I can finally escape”). This then gives epilepsy in the infant during the healing phase.

Bile duct ulcer / Gallbladder ulcer (with hepatitis after birth).

If the child perceives pushing around on the belly as a violation of its territorial boundary, then the bile duct and/or gallbladder ulcer gives. If again, the conflict is resolved by birth, hepatitis follows as a healing phase. Today, hepatitis is already considered something normal in newborns.

Lung cancer

If the threat is felt significantly as fear of death, it gives lung cancer in the conflict-active phase. Through conflict resolution, lung tuberculosis then begins (in the presence of tubercle bacteria). This can happen already during pregnancy or again through birth.


The unborn child can hear the sound of the ultrasound machine. The fluid in the amniotic sac is much more conducive to sound than air, so the sound is thunderous. If the sound of the ultrasound in connection with the threat is now perceived as a conflict shock with the content “I don’t want to (can’t) hear that,” there is tinnitus (hearing loss, hissing, buzzing, ringing, or whistling in the ear, increasing loss of hearing ability). Nowadays, when pregnant women go for an ultrasound examination very often (in extreme cases, every two weeks or even more often), conflict shock with tinnitus and constant recurrences leads to the children being born deaf.

Diabetes mellitus

If the child wants to resist the ultrasound examination and feels the ultrasound examination with a conflict shock resisting, there is diabetes mellitus. The information about this is again on the separate leaflet.


Neurodermatitis occurs mainly on the outer sides of the arms and legs in case of a conflict shock of being unable to fight off the threat.

Loss of the ability to see

There is a conflict shock with fear-in-the-neck. Many recurrences lead to blindness.

Ulcer in the old disused gill arch passages

There is a conflict shock with frontal anxiety. In the healing phase: non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Ulcer in the larynx and/or vocal cords.

There is conflict shock with startle fear (this is a typical female conflict).

Ultrasound examinations – yes or no?

From the critical point of view of conventional medicine, it is sometimes admitted that only about 20% of the examinations can provide any kind of relevant information. Radiologists speak internally of a 50% error rate in diagnoses. The whole thing is just money-making and has no real medical benefit. And just because of curiosity, whether the child is a girl or a boy, one should not take such a risk. It would be interesting to investigate the frequency of the conflicts mentioned above correctly. In any case, more harm is done than is prevented by “detecting harm.” That is, after all, the alleged purpose of ultrasound examinations.

The “Circular Saw Syndrome.”

An ancient code in humans’ brains is a predator’s roar. It signals Caution! Danger! Escape.

In today’s everyday lives of humans, there are now sounds that sound exactly like a predator’s roar to a child in the womb. For example, these are the sounds of cars (especially trucks because of the low frequencies) if the mother lives very close to a busy road. But it is also enough if the pregnant woman is at a red light only once and a truck approaches at a distance of ½ meter. This can also happen if the pregnant woman goes to a car race or motorcycle race (motocross at worst). The name “circular saw syndrome” comes from the fact that these observations were more often made in women who had lived near a carpenter’s shop or whose husbands had a carpenter’s shop. Here mainly three of the possibilities already mentioned above occur, which can occur separately or together. These are the fear-of-death conflict with lung cancer and pulmonary tuberculosis in conflict resolution, the conflict of not wanting to hear/being able to hear with tinnitus, and the conflict of not escaping with paralysis in conflict activity and epilepsy after birth. But also fear conflicts are possible (frontal-fear, fear in the neck, scare-fright).

If such events are so massive that they cause several conflicts simultaneously, these children are born mongoloid (Down syndrome) with a specific combination of these conflicts. The conventional medical view that this is a “genetic defect” is entirely wrong. When conflicts are resolved, mongoloid children become healthy and “normal” again. They grow, catch up with maturity, and after some time, look as if they had never been mongoloid.

Bone cancer with leukemia

Many people cannot even imagine a child already during the pregnancy if it is not wanted. This can shock self-esteem conflict, and the child may have bone cancer. If the conflict is resolved during pregnancy or through birth, the cure is then leukemia.

After birth

During pregnancy, the child is completely secure. With birth, this security (which hopefully was not disturbed by ultrasound examinations) becomes somewhat less. To prevent this from becoming too extreme, the child should be allowed to experience at least the first two days after birth without interruption of skin contact with the mother. (exciting literature on this subject F. Jean Liedloff: (Auf der Suche Nach dem verlorenen Glück) Paperback, Beck’sche Reihe 224, ISBN 3-406-32078-3). The skin has now acquired a special significance because it connects the individual to the outside world. Thus, a separation of skin contact with the mother often results in a range of “skin diseases,” with neurodermatitis being the most common. Incidentally, in nature among animals, separation from the mother means certain death. The mother’s separation after birth in today’s usual school-medicine-delivery is a terrible crime and the cause of many social problems.

Copyright Dr. Hamer
Translated: John Holledauer

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