Bronchial Asthma – Diagnostic Chart

Bronchial Asthma – Diagnostic Chart

Bronchial Asthma = schizophrenic constellation due to another conflict in the cortex of the cerebrum’s left hemisphere.


  • male territorial fear conflict
  • female scare fright conflict


Hamer Focus:

There are two Hamer Focus involved at the same time.

  • HH for bronchi in crisis
  • any other HH in the cortex of the left hemisphere.

Active phase:

In the schizophrenic constellation, both conflicts are active simultaneously. The expiratory wheezing is an expression of a spasm of the bronchial musculature, similar to the gastric musculature reacting in a gastric ulcer.


Brief schizophrenic constellation in the epileptoid crisis = asthma attack.


epileptic seizure

Asthma attack

Biological Sense:

Bronchial asthma has as a sensible event only the epileptic crisis of the bronchial musculature.


Asthma is a schizophrenic territorial constellation whereby the laryngeal musculature spasms. Constellation also exists from the time of this crisis!