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Scientific Diagnostic Chart

Tendon Necrosis left

Cerebral Medulla = New Brain = Middle Germ Layer = Mesoderm

Hamer compass
Tendon Necrosis left – Diagnostic Chart


Slight self-devaluation conflict, conflict belonging to tendon localization.
  • for the right-handed person concerning mother or child
  • for the left-handed person concerning partner


Hamer Focus:

HH in the cerebrum medulla, depending on the conflict content on the right side

Active phase:

Tendon Necrosis, e.g., the reason for Achilles tendon rupture.


Healing under swelling and replenishment of necrosis. Increased swelling in the presence of the syndrome.



Biological Sense:

At the end of the healing phase and permanent Reinforcement of the tendons.


Tendon Organ Graphic
Tendon Organ Graphic
Cerebral Medulla Diagnostic Chart
Cerebral Medulla Diagnostic Chart

Right brain side

Left brain side

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