Scientific Diagnostic Chart

Adrenal Cortex Cancer right

Cerebral Medulla = New Brain = Middle Germ Layer = Mesoderm

Hamer compass
Adrenal Cortex Cancer right – Diagnostic Chart


Conflict, being thrown off track, taking the wrong path, or “backing the wrong horse.”
  • for the right-handed person concerning partner
  • for the left-handed person concerning mother or child


Hamer Focus:

HH is in transition from the midbrain to the occipital cerebral medulla on the left side.

Active phase:

Necrosis of the adrenal cortex. Decreased cortisol excretion, resulting in “stressed fatigue.” The organism is forcibly slowed down “on the wrong track.” Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome, Morbus-Addison.


Filling of the necroses and adrenocortical cysts up to the size of a fist, which indurates after a short time and produces excessive cortisol (+ aldosterone). Despite vagotonia, increased cortisol levels are produced in interaction with the pituitary gland to bring the organism back “on track” (+ hirsutism)—Cushing’s syndrome.



Biological Sense:

At the end of the healing phase and permanent Amplification of cortisol production


Adrenal gland = lymph node
Cerebral Medulla Diagnostic Chart

Right brain side

Left brain side